Super Circus.

Jacob and I don’t keep a lot of sweet stuff around the house because, well, there’s the whole diabetes thing and because he’s the most supportive husband ever. By not even keeping cookies and ice cream and things like that in the house, I’m never tempted to indulge just because it’s there. Of course, I do indulge in these  foods on occasion, but it’s easier to manage things when they’re not in the cupboard staring me in the face.

Because of this, I generally treat a low I have in the house with A.) a GU pack or B.) Betty Crocker cake frosting that week keep in the fridge. The frosting is cheap, tastes reasonably good and lasts a long time. Neither of those methods taste all that awesome, but they get the job done.

So when we just so happen to have something delicious laying around the house, I kind of get a little excited about having  a low blood sugar. Case in point: these frosted Circus Animal cookies I forgot to pack when I was out of town for the party last weekend. I had meant to tuck them in my carry on to have as a snack for all the girls in our hotel room, but I spaced it and left them behind.

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Which made the low I had today at 2pm pretty rad. It’s these little moments with diabetes that we have to appreciate right? The serendipitous feeling of having a good low fix around when you need it.

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We do (unfortunately) have rather a lot of sweets around – due to the little monster living here.

I find those very hard to “dose” when low and have thus (heroically) moved on to glasses of juice or coke. I can usually limit myself to 200ml. Which is enough – barring oddities. And then iron willpower will have to carry me past the kitchen into a safe room.

However … when out on the road and low, the little one usually offers “just 7 gummy bears, remember?”, which not only sounds cute, but also works. And it’s enjoyable to indulge 🙂

Floh – that’s a common problem for me too – dosing correctly for a low and that’s why I like the GU packs because they get the job done without over doing it (usually). Smart of you to move on to juice or a coke! But I bet those 7 gummies are good too 🙂

Bruce’s Candy Kitchen’s Salt-Water Taffy (in Cannon Beach, Oregon) was my favorite low treat (very rarely), but I decided, “maybe not” after losing a filling!

Tim we totally went to that store a few months ago! It was so awesome. Jacob had the taffy and I had some peanut brittle. It was awesome. I wished I was low the whole time I was there 🙂

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