Still adjusting.

Changes and adjustmentsLately, I haven’t been so much “I Run on Insulin” as I’ve been “I try all sorts of classes at my new gym on insulin.” When we first moved to Portland, I didn’t join a gym right away as we got our bearings. I did start running right away though and found lots of lush, green park space to clear my head for 3.5 miles at a time. My standard basal reduction for a jog first thing in the morning is -50%, unless I’m running high or low of course.

But now that I’ve got a new gym (and still no job…working on that…) I’ve been adjusting for different workouts at foreign times. I don’t have a “first Pilates class ever at 10am” basal rate, and I don’t have an “Interval Class at 6pm” rate either. Since making the switch to morning workouts last year, I’m more comfortable with AM workouts and the hurdles those present than all these funky times and classes. Trying new classes at odd hours has given me new challenges on the diabetes front in terms of when, how much, and how long to lower my basals.

For example, a standard weight lifting session doesn’t usually require much adjustment for me. But alternating lifting with speed drills in a Sunday morning class that the gym thinks is hilarious to call “Church” is tough to predict. Some of the really ass-kicking classes push me low hours later, even though I’d reduced my basal during the actual hour of class. And when I try the late afternoon classes, I have to be extra careful as I’m prone to lows in the 5-7pm time frame (my lowest basal rates of the day are actually at that time – weird huh?).

I thank goodness that I have my Dexcom G4 with me at all times. It’s found a new home at my new gym, nestled on a folded towel behind a stack of free weights and stability balls so no one steps on it during  a class. And I’m sure once I start working full time, I’ll get in to more of a rhythm with certain classes, not just doing as I please with the rest of the Real Housewives of Portland who don’t have anywhere to be at 1pm on a Tuesday. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Until then, it’s just test, adjust, repeat. Kind of like it always is with diabetes.

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I also work out at all different hours and they range from running long distance, biking, swimming, weight lifting and bootcamp style camps. One thing I have found that helps with some of the delayed lows is to do the temp basal an hour before I start the activity and continue it for at least a half an hour after, even if I am a bit high after. This sometimes helps crashing down later on.

My work schedule changes slightly in the fall, and in the winter the weather won’t cooperate with my early morning runs either, which is to say… I’ve been reintegrating after-work workouts into my life and I’ve been greeted with lows and lows and lows! That NEVER happens in the morning, but at 5:30pm is a regular problem. I’ve tried bringing a snack to eat at work around 4 and also lowering my basal rate. Sigh. I’m 100% in agreement – “it’s just test, adjust, repeat.” And figure it out just in time for the next curve ball!

Jocelyn that’s a good tip – thanks for that!

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