Yikes. We haven’t even ordered drinks yet.

french frieI’m used to this happening, but this was a particularly good one. In a depressing sort of way:

Me: “I think I’m not going to partake in the french fries, but you girls are totally welcome to order them anyways! I have Type 1 diabetes and I just have trouble with pototoes and keeping my blood sugars steady.”

New person I just met joining myself and another person for dinner: “Oh my nephew just died last year from diabetes. But it’s ok because he lived a wonderful life and we all got so much more time with him than we thought we would. It’s just a terrible disease. He lost his foot first and then he just died last year. But his funeral was a big celebration you know because we got so much more time with him than we thought we would. We never thought we’d get so much time with him after his diagnosis. It’s just such a shame. I’m going to order the fries, if that’s ok.”

Um. Yeah. Order the fries. And a box of tissues because now I’m sad about your nephew. That’s incredibly horrible and so so sad. But also not how living with diabetes is for everyone. I’m sorry for your loss. But is that all you think diabetes is? Because that makes me sad too.

I guess I’ll have the salad?

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Really? That’s, I don’t know what that is…

Wow, that is about all I can say. Makes me sad as well.

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