Bent over backwards!

Seriously? How was I not slipping into Ketone-Land on the DKA Train with a cannula looking like THAT?! I changed my pump site on Saturday and was shocked to see the cannula bent in two places. It’s a little hard to tell from the photo, but if you look closely you will see that it’s bent in an “S” shape. ┬áThe fact that insulin was still getting through there is nothing short of a miracle. BGs were fine throughout the day even with this going on. Amazing! And kinda terrifying!


photo (22)

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I hate it when that happens. But at least you got some insulin through. I had the blood sugars to suggest a bent cannula today but pulled it out straight. Maybe just a scarred spot.

I’m surprised (and happy for you!) that your BG was still normal. I just had a bent one on Saturday. I did not have my CGM yet, so didn’t know that my BG was that high. I felt sick to my stomach, but had a student who had the flu the day before, so thought I just had caught it. Finally checked my BG and it read “HIGH.” Above 500. Great. Took all day and a bunch of insulin to get it to come back down. :(

Marsha I was shocked I was still getting insulin too! Couldn’t believe it. It was probably just on the cusp of completely going out, I am sure an hour or two more and I would have been out of luck!

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