Do I take these devices, to have and to hold?

Wedding DressI generally use my blog for sharing stories and getting a conversation going with all of you folks about what’s going on in all of our diabetes lives. I don’t like to use my blog for crowd-sourcing, but sometimes, I just need y’all’s help.

I’m having a bit of a wedding dress debacle. I’m completely on the fence about whether I should wear my pump and CGM, only my CGM, or neither on the day of my wedding. Here’s the issue: I think the dress looks best when there’s no bumps from my pod underneath the fitted waist. Plus, there’s something to be said for not having any of my little electronic buddies there on my wedding day reminding me about having diabetes. That day is super duper NOT about diabetes.

But, I never have as good of control when I’m on Lantus/Humalog injections, and I don’t want to feel crappy on my wedding day because my BGs are all wacky. It’s already going to be stressful enough, and I don’t want to have to check my blood sugar every five minutes with a finger stick (hey bright red blood sample…accident waiting to happen much?) I’d rather just check in with my Dexcom compulsively instead. My darling husband-to-be doesn’t care either way, and my devices have been part of our….intimate life if you will for long enough that it’s not the wedding night that’s on my mind.

It’s really about this: do I want the dress to look perfect and fit the way I want it to and be free from my diabetes reminders on that day? Or, do I want to have the peace of mind that my BGs will be smoother and easily adjusted with the push of a few buttons? I don’t know.

Folks, what’s your vote? I’m at a split decision here!

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This post is SO right up my alley, since I was having the same worries about my dress! I’m getting married in November and just had my first fitting for my very fitted, trumpet style wedding gown. I was sure that the Dexcom sensor on my lower back would look very pronounced, but in fact, you can’t even tell it’s there once I have my spanx on, and YUP, I’m wearing spanx solely so that I have something to put my Animas ping pump in that’s not a leg holster (the holster always slides down). I was so worried that the pump would show through the spanx, but the spanx sucked my and the pump all in and created a really nice line. No pumps or bumps were there to see.

I haven’t been on shots since I went on my pump over a year ago, so I’m nervous to have to deal with that on my wedding day. i’d rather have the devices I’m used to, have them all tucked in, and then be able to relax. My fiance also has T1D, so I think my perspective may be different than that of others. Since we both have to deal with it all day (and she’s certainly going to be wearing her pump (in the pocket of her pants), it won’t be so weird that I have mine on too.

I hope that helps and happy planning!! Seriously though, spanx are freaking amazing..and surprisingly comfortable.

I would say wear the devices. The day of the wedding is filled with so much family, friends, photos, food, snacks, drinks, photos, and you really need to be in a position to relax and enjoy the day, so from your blog I think you would be most comfortable with your devices intact keeping you aware, but letting you enjoy.

Best Wishes!! Congrats!!

I say wear ’em! I don’t have a CGM or know much about placement, but as a Pod user I’d recommend maybe experimenting with a different site if your usual doesn’t “go” with the dress. What about your leg or lower abdomen/pelvis? (the Spanx suggested above would do wonders with either) I will tell you from experience that on your wedding day the last thing you’ll want to be is preoccupied with your blood sugar or insulin!

Wear them! You will feel more at ease and you are right….your wedding day is stressful/emotional enough that your blood sugar could be all over the place. My seamstress sewed a little see-throughish kind of sachet bag thingy onto the lining of my ballroom dress so I could just pop my pump in there and no one was the wiser. So glad I did.

I just went through this dilemma in April…so thankful I had on my dexcom because right before the ceremony (as the bridesmaids and I snacked on desserts) my blood sugar was 81 with double arrows down…and I hadn’t bolused in hours! I was just thankful to know which direction my blood sugar was headed so that I could correct it and avoid a disaster at the alter! I was having pump site problems in the weeks leading up to my wedding, so I had lantus on board for my basal insulin and my pump for bolusing because I didn’t want to have to do a shot while wearing a wedding dress. If you were worried about wearing your pump in an unusual place, you could always do a little lantus so that you know you have basal on board. I gave my dexcom to my physician bridesmaid so that I didn’t have to worry about my sugars. She kept me at 150 all day…until the dreaded and uncontrolled drop!

Well, I’ve never worn a wedding dress, and didn’t yet pump on my wedding day, so I can’t fully relate to what you’re going through. But if you wanted to take my pump away now, you’d have to pry it from my death-gripping fingers. It makes everything easier for me and makes me feel more in control.

I would think that experimenting with MDI on your wedding day may be a bit much.

Thank you for all the feedback everyone! It would seem the overwhelming majority of you recomend I wear them on my wedding day, and I think I’m on board with you all – there’s no reason to stress even more on that special day, and I want to do anything I can to make it easier that day. Thanks so much you guys, decision is made! Awesome!

I have worn my sensor on my outer thigh and upper buttock which would be in a less tight dress spot. i think they would even be nearly invisible on both of those spots. you may want to experiment with them before hand and see.

I’m a guy – so take my advice for what it’s worth. Diabetes is such a big part of your life, and how your partner supports you in your adventures in Diabetesland is a big part of why he is the right guy for you. So if you do wear the devices, don’t worry – if you notice them, you won’t be reminded about having diabetes, you will be reminded on your wedding day about your partner and his unconditional support.

Peace of mind is paramount on a wedding day—wear them and my diamond bracelet 🙂 XO, MOM

Awww thanks mom! Nothing to calm my nerves like a gorgeous diamond bracelet 🙂 It’s nice to have a mom who lets you borrow her nice things!

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