Smaller, and henceforth closer.

photo (21)When I came back from our trip to Asia in April, I had the shiny, new Dexcom G4 waiting for me at home. Six months into using it, I love a lot of the new improvements on this device including the longer battery life and of course, the improved accuracy overall and especially in the low range.

But I really, really love the smaller and sleeker design of the receiver. The old model, with it’s egg shape wasn’t bad, but it was always juuuust a little too big to slip into a pocket. This one is so small I can hide it in the tiny pocket of my workout pants along my waistband so I never have to jog/box/do those terrible “Spiderman push-ups” that my new gym seems to love without my trusty Dex. I love being able to throw it in my jeans pocket when I take the dog for a walk or slide it in to a small clutch-style purse for the evening.

Which brings me to my next point which is that I am utterly, totally, and completely dependent on my Dexcom. I feel naked and vulnerable without it. I also find that when I take a short break from it, I’m so used to having it on the I’m more forgetful about testing my blood sugar with a finger stick. I expect to be able to click in to the Dex before a meal or have it alarm when I need to do something. This is not a good thing because it’s lowering my overall awareness of my diabetes in the long run. And what if there’s a time when I can’t get access to or afford a Dex?

How addicted are you to your devices? And which ones will you find a way to get at all costs? For me, I’d sooner give up my pump over my CGM (although that would suck too – I did injections over the past weekend, it wasn’t pretty).

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Interesting to hear you say that about CGM.
We don’t have the same kind of access to the technology here in the UK that you guys do – I’m not massively concerned about pumping – the injections suit me ok most of the time, but I am very keen on having a go at CGM – the hospital keep promising me that they’ll lend me one to have a go – maybe I’ll push for it a bit harder.
Not sure what I’ll do if I like itm though – I’m not sure that it’s something that’s *really* affordable to fund myself…

I HATED my cgm at first and now I’m totally dependent on it and I couldn’t imagine going more than a day without it haha. I think I would find a way to get my insulin pump at all costs because I haven’t done a shot since 1997 😛

Miss Whiplash – I have a friend in the UK who tried a CGM and loved it but yes, unfortunately she has to pay for it all out of pocket which is really expensive. However, she will sometimes alternate her weeks of using it so that she uses only half as many sensors, and she still gets really good info and feedback when it’s on that helps with her management when she’s off of it. Definitely keep pushing for it and see if you can get them to bend! There may be a creative way to make it more affordable.

Lex- as a disciple of yours with regards to dia-hardware/electronics I too have become a slave to Dex-san. I can manage without the Omi-Pods but am lost and lazy with/without Dex. I am terrible at keeping up on finger sticks and my BGL gets away from me in a hurry on pump/cgm breaks. I do wish the sensor was a little smaller rather than bigger compared to its predecessor but a small price to pay for the smaller receiver, better accuracy and longer battery time. I guess thats the trad-offs along with the smaller pods on Omni-Pods. I hope you Jacob are well, we miss you guys in SD.

I have a love/hate relationship with my dex. I definitely love it more than I used to though. When I first started using it I looked forward to the week ending so that I didn’t have to see every peak and drop in my blood sugar. Now I am a little more relaxed with the dex, and it’s nice to see if I need a little extra bolus for my meals. I do look forward to breaks though. I don’t feel like I’m in as good of control (mainly because I get used to not testing) but it’s nice to just think about my diabetes before meals and snacks when I check and maybe 2 hours post prandial. I think the balance keeps me sane!

John – I couldn’t agree more. The Dex-san (love the way you put that!) has become totally indispensable for me. I was also surprised to see the larger sensor come out with the new CGM, but like you said, I love it for the smaller receiver and better accuracy. MIss you guys too! Portland is great but it’s missing a lot of our favorite people.

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