Hot tip for my fellow podders…

This post is short and sweet, because it’s about an extremely easy trick I just learned that actually works and really helps with Omnipod site changes.

I’ve blogged many times about how I suffer from highs when I change my pod. The transition can be a bit rough for the first few hours into a new site, and I’ve tried many strategies to combat this including raising my initial basal rate and bolusing a few units with the old pod before removing it.

Then, my CDE told me about one simple change I could make that seems to be helping with pod site changes: after you fill your new pod up and it’s ready to start priming, lay it down with the side with the adhesive on it facing down. Most of us lay the pod on it’s “back” while its priming, but flipping it over, for whatever reason, seems to get things flowing faster once the pod is on. I’m sure it has something to do with the cannula filling up and being more accurately primed, but whatever the actual mechanism is, it works. I’ve noticed a smoother transition with better blood sugars when I fill the pod this way.

So there you go – there’s your hot tip for Tuesday! Isn’t it nice when it’s really easy to do something to make diabetes easier? Gotta love that.

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Good tip and certainly worth a try. I might just try the normal priming for a couple pods since tonight I am switching to the new PDM/pods and I’ll see how they behave with respect to the first couple hours of use. One thing the new pods require is to be “touching” the PDM during priming – maybe they’re using NFC for a more secure pairing of the pod and the PDM? Oh well, whatever the case I’m just excited about the smaller size and the fact that the new PDM will FINALLY include insulin bolused for carb intake in its IOB! Nothing like testing two hours PP and wondering how much of the suggested correction bolus you need to ignore. 🙂

My first reaction was one of disbelief that anything with Omnipod could be this simple… but then I remembered the time I pried a screaming pod open with a knife only to learn about the reset button on the back, so I have to admit that sometimes I’m the one making things more complicated. 🙂 I will be trying this! Also looking forward to the new pods, which I’m hearing this is less of a problem with.

Jennifer its ok – I once ran over a screaming pod with the car to get it to stop beeping….didn’t know about the reset option either!

Alexis just wanted to say thanks – I tried this with my Pod change yesterday and I think it really did make a difference!

Jennifer – I’m so glad it worked for you too! I was SO surprised that it made a difference but it really seems to! Don’t you love it when you find an easy trick that actually works? Yes!

Jennifer and Alexis I too had to run a pod over with my car to get it to stop alarming, after trying to stop it by placing it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Eventually I read the manual and used a paper clip to silence the next whining pod. I have the new pods and pdm and so far have not experienced any highs after pod changes but I have to change it tonight and who knows maybe this tip will make a difference so thanks for posting it.

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