Holy. Aggressive. Vampire Cannula.

And you wonder why you were staying up in the high 200s all day? Is there even any insulin in that thing?

photo (20)

In all seriousness, I knew something was up with this pod when it starting hurting at the insertion site when I ran. On each bounce of each step, there was a sharp pain near the site. I pushed on it, attempted to move things around a bit but nothing helped. I left it on until it ran its course though, because until the last day I had normal BGs. Plus, it only hurt when I was jogging, so I figured it was somehow in a position that hurt when it bounced.

But no. It was one of those evil Vampire Cannulas, hard at work trying to ruin my day. Lucky for me, the pod timed out, just in time! Until we meet again Vampire Cannula!

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Let’s just hope there’s some sort of magic in the new smaller pods that prevent their canulas from clotting up with blood – I’ve had this problem a number of times too.

Ouch! I hope it was easy to clean up…my “vampire cannulas” are always messy 🙂

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