I am pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen…

Who knew that Dexcom receivers, in all their robotic fanciness were just a series of little plastic parts stuck together? Well, I now know that, as the button popped off mine yesterday. Fortunately, Dexcom has always rocked at customer service, and this time was no exception. I called them and they are shipping a new one out on Friday. Such an awesome company.

Broken Dex


As a side note, I wish there was some cool reason that a button flew off a Dexcom…like “hey, your beta cells are regenerating! You’re CURED!” Or “the way you bolused for that crazy lunch was so awesome I’ve got to pop some buttons off to celebrate!” A girl can dream.


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I super glued mine back on and it worked better than originally.

I’m at my third already. The first and second broke while manipulating it in cold temperature. It was made in California not in Boston clearly….

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