Losing it…diabetes style.

With my wedding less than two months away, I’ve been eating healthy, ramping up the workouts, and trying to get my body looking as healthy as possible for the big day. And I’m living up to every female stereotype right now because I’m   “trying to lose pesky five pounds…” Yes, these are the same five pounds I wanted to lose for my 30th birthday…and every birthday before that since high school….it’s really just a perpetual five pounds that I somehow think is standing in the way of me becoming a supermodel. Digression.

A few of my girlfriends and I are all trying to firm up, so we started a text message chain to help keep each other motivated. A few weeks ago, both of them decided to do a three-day juice cleanse. I’d heard of cleanses before (side note: let’s get real here. A “cleanse” is just code for “I need to lose weight FAST.” The body is a good self-cleanser if you treat it right). When both of them lost “those last five pounds” by doing the cleanse, I was intrigued. Until I saw this:

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This is the nutrition information from one of six bottles of juice you drink during the day. If you have diabetes, you know that’s a carb count you’d only drink if you were treating a low, not sipping for any kind of enjoyment. And notice that there’s two servings in that bottle for a grand total of 34 grams of CHO  per “meal” or “snack”. That’s over 200 grams of carbs (translation: 20 units of bolus insulin) a day. I normally have about 60 grams in an entire day.

Herein lies the issue with traditional weight loss and Type 1 diabetes. The more insulin we take, the more our weight creeps up. It has always been a direct ratio for me. In fact, the last time I lost significant weight was when I was prepping for LASIK and had to have perfect BGs all week. I had almost no carbs for seven days. I had a flat line Dexcom, and an extremely flat tummy. Any time I have seen my total daily units go up, my weight has followed. So even though these cleanses work for weight loss because you’re only taking in about 1,000 calories a day, I’d be hard pressed to think they’d work for someone with diabetes because of the massive bolusing required.

Has anyone ever had success losing weight on a high(er) carb diet? And if not, does your weight correlate to your total daily  insulin requirements? I’m interested to know your secrets….so I can finally get rid of these last five…once and for all!

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The other interesting thing about the nutritional info is the ingredients — cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, collards. You could eat boatloads of those, and save your carbs (and calories) for something else. And those veggies would fill you up.

I’m sorry I don’t have any tips, except have a lovely wedding and try not to stress too much about the five pounds!

Not a juice cleanse, but I’ve found the Clean program very diabetic friendly. Lower carb fruit, unsweetended almond milk, and protein powder smoothies in the morning, pureed veggie soup for dinner, and a sensible whole grain, lean protein lunch. I do that for three weeks a few times a year to drop 5-10 pounds, depuff, and reset. My blood sugars are always great and low insulin needs.

I went through a phase where I was making and drinking homemade green juice every day for lunch, and even though it included an apple (as well as a whole bunch of low- or almost no-carb veggies), I actually did not need to take any insulin at all. However, I did get very tired of it and didn’t lose a single pound, so after about 2 months I abandoned the plan. Plus, I agree with the comment above – eating the fruits and veggies would be WAY more filling than the juice. If you DO find a way to lost the pesky 5, please post it here – diabetics around the world would love to know that secret! 🙂

I always try to blame weight fluctuations on my insulin intake, but I don’t think it actually matters in the end. When I’m super stressed I end up needing more insulin for everything I eat, but I eat less and end up doing more insulin, and I feel like I lose weight when I stress. Other times when I feel like I want to lose a few pounds I eat hardly any carbs and have my insulin requirements way down, but nothing happens! I like to blame it on the diabetes, but I think we just have too much information. My advice: watch total calories, low carb things that are high fat can creep up on you 🙂 Good luck!

Aww good luck with the 5 pounds and congrats on the upcoming wedding! For my wedding, I lost about 17 pounds with WW but I wouldn’t recommend it because after the wedding I gained 30 😉 I think just exercising and watching what you eat (but don’t starve yourself or deprive yourself) is best…good lucK!

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