This is why I rarely bother eating ice cream.

Sure, it’s delicious. And sure it’s a special treat on a super-hot-summer-time day. But the price of admission for this roller coaster really sucks. Note the huge-ass spike upon consumption of the ice cream, and the subsequent double-arrows down, rapidly progressing into a face-melting low just one hour later due to over-bolusing for the ice cream.


Ice Cream Fail

That’s the thing about having Type 1. I’m never going to say that there’s a food I should never eat. I don’t believe that. But the reason to avoid high sugar foods if you’re in charge of your own faux pancreas is because you’re going to have a hard time getting those foods right. And rarely is it worth it to me, so most often, I just don’t eat food like that.

Ug. I’m off to shovel some frosting down my throat before I get too low. Just what I wanted after a big scoop of ice cream.

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It’s not bolus-worthy?!?!

Its bolus worthy, but not roller-coaster worthy!

That’s funny because ice cream is my go to treat and have figured out how to dose for it perfectly *almost* every time!

Annie I need to know your secrets!!! How do you bolus for it so well!!!!???

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