Citrus bolus.

FruitSummertime: hot temps, long days, and, one of my personal favorite things: all the fresh fruit you can eat. The local farmer’s market is overflowing with strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and watermelon. I’ve been throwing blueberries into salads, pineapple on our burgers, and cantaloupe in with my Greek yogurt. It’s not doubt that summertime wins for the best time of year to take advantage of local flavors.

But bolusing for all this natural glucose? That’s another story. I’ve blogged a few times before about my tendency to avoid fruit because I don’t want to bolus for it, knowing it will raise my BGs just like regular sweets will. Sometimes, it’ s just not worth it to me to take insulin for an apple or pear when I could just as easily snack on a string cheese or turkey slice, no bolus required. But here in Portland, where every home has it’s own garden, it would be a crime not to partake in this local abundance. Lately I’ve been giving fruit another chance – it just take more planning on my part.

For me, fruit works best when I give a bolus at least 10 minutes ahead of chowing down. If I’m snacking at home, this isn’t a problem as I can delay for 10 minutes while my rapid-acting gets going. But fruit is also a great portable snack for all our outdoor activities these days. When we’re at the park or on a hike, it’s not as easy for me to wait a few minutes for a bolus to kick in. When we’re out and about, we bust out the fruit when hunger strikes so I hate to wait. But bolusing at first bite can cause some spikes in my BG. If I’m exercising at the same time, it’s hard to avoid getting on the high-low-high again roller coaster after snacking on fruit.

But because there are just too many flavors to choose from and because summer only comes once a year and because I’m now living in a land with more urban gardeners than you can shake a trowel at, I’m working on the bolusing ahead of time and simply enjoying all the tastes of the season. Bon appetite!

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My go-to blood sugar-friendly fruit of choice is watermelon! Of course it is not as easily portable as some other things (not sure you’d want to lug it on a hike), but it is a) delicious and b) something you can eat in significant quantity without too many carbs.

I’ve also been experimenting with bolusing before I eat, but you’re right – it’s not always easy to do when you are on the go.

Jennifer watermelon isn’t too bad if you pre-cut it and throw it in some tupperware, and you’re right, it doesn’t spike my BG up as much as some.

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