Diabetes Day-Makers.

There are a  few things in our weird little diabetes world that give us an odd sense of satisfaction. Things that folks without this disease just can’t appreciate like we do. For example, seeing a fresh supply of insulin filling up your butter compartment. It feels so good. So…safe, in a weird way.  Or changing your infusion site and knowing that you won’t have to worry about inserting a new one for a few days. It’s like a little relief, just for a few days, while managing the exhaustive list of “Things to Worry About with Diabetes” list.

And this:

Box O Pods









A big, huge, box of pods arriving at your doorstep, replenishing your supply and giving you one less thing to remember to re-order…at least for the next three months.

It really is all about the little joys with this disease…we have to get excited about something, right? 🙂

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So funny! My omnipods got here yesterday, a week after my test strips and there is plenty of insulin in the fridge. Funny how great that makes you feel. Well written. I’m also a distance runner. Same feeling I get when I get new shoes and I get new shoes all the time. It’s the simple things…

We also got an Insulet box this week and guess what it contained!! The new pods and pdm. We are 18 hours into it and it seems fine/normal. A few annoying “confirmation” screens but overall, mostly the same. Pods are so cute and small! Very thin, too. My daughter (12) is delighted so far!

Just got off 3 days on the San Juan river at 100+ degree temps. Cannula ripped out after surfing some rapids on day 2 but pod change in blowing sand went fine. Thought of you and your rafting fun.

Marla I am so glad you got the new pods! And very glad they are living up to their promise of truly being smaller – that’s so awesome. Glad you had a good time on the river, now that we’re up in Portland we have easier access to some great spots. Can’t wait to get out there again.

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