Sound the alarm (but with a muffler please!)

Diabetes doesn’t just affect the person who has it – the people around you are also subject to diabetes ridiculousness on a regular basis. And if you happen to be on a CGM and also share a life with a significant other, they are also being “alerted” to highs, lows, rises, and falls when you are. Especially when those alarms sound in the middle of the night and you’re sharing a bed.

Jacob and I are both light sleepers. In some ways, this is a good thing when you have diabetes. I know he’d wake up if I was having a serious problem, and he’s always checking in on me when I have to get up to treat a low. But he doesn’t need to wake upĀ every time I’m making a diabetes management decision, especially if that involves treating a pesky night time high or if I’m “skirting” the alarm (that’s when you have an alarm set to buzz at say, 180mg/dL, and you annoyingly keep going from 178-182 the entire night, causing repeat alarms). The last Dexcom model had an alarm and vibration combo that was just loud enough to wake only me up (if I put it on the carpet beside the bed). But the new G4? Holy. Cow. That. Thing. Is. LOUD.

Both the alarm sound and the vibrations are louder on the new G4. And don’t get me wrong – this is a good thing! Most people with diabetes worry about sleeping through those important alarms, especially parents who are monitoring their young children. I am pretty sure the new louder alarms and vibrations are the direct result of customer feedback, and that should be applauded. It just so happens I (and Jacob) fall into the category of “light sleepers who jump out of a deep sleep and also their skin when that effing bull horn/jackhammer goes off at 3am.” Portland homes are known for gorgeous hardwood floors, so there’s not carpet beside the bed anymore for me to put it on.

So these days, this is where the Dexcom will be living at night. It’s very own teeny little sleeping bag. So that hopefully, my darling husband-to-be can get a little shut eye around here!


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I am a light sleeper and husband is a heavy sleep er so normally this works well for dexcom alerts. However one night I must have been VERY sleepy. This first alarm set to vintage at 70 didn’t wake me up nor did the second vibrate at 55. Husband heard the beeping alarm downstairs for several minutes and came running up thinking I was in a coma!!!! Luckily I was just asleep!!!!

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