Anyone notice what’s wrong with this picture?











Um…could it be the fact that the sensor isn’t on my body anymore…but the receiver is still showing a blood sugar? I took this sensor off right before I got in the shower because it was time to change it. Since my receiver wasn’t nearby, I didn’t deactivate the sensor right away. I was so curious about the fact that it was still showing a blood sugar even though it was off my body that I left it for a little while longer. Interestingly enough, the next BG it showed was a 58mg/dL! I have to give it props for accurately showing a dip in glucose though…because I am pretty sure the dresser I left the sensor on doesn’t have any sugar to show for itself! Too funny.

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Must be some leftover interstitial glucose stuck to the sensor. How long did it take to realize the sensor was no longer being used?

Too funny!

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