Numbers are up! And not in a good way…

trend-graphJacob and I successfully made the 15 hour drive to Portland from San Diego over the weekend, and now we’re camped out at his brother’s house and starting the Great Apartment Search of 2013. We’re also looking for jobs, emailing with our wedding coordinator, and catching up with folks we haven’t talked to since before we left for our trip. Things are…a bit hectic right now to say the least.

Adding to my stress levels are the results of my most recent A1c. I knew the last three months’ numbers weren’t going to be pretty. After all, I’ve been running around Southeast Asia shoveling noodles, treating crashing lows, and adjusting my basal insulin more times than I can count. I did wear my CGM the entire trip, but even the constant vigilance could not have prevented the wild spikes and lows I experienced. I shouldn’t be surprised, but my A1c came back higher than it’s been in years: 7.8%.

Ug. We all have different A1c goals, and I’m most comfortable when I keep mine under 7% (and preferably under 6.5%). I was definitely expecting an increase, but not by a full percentage point (I was 6.8% before the trip). It’s tough to see that number because it means I have a lot of work to do. I’ve already switched back to my normal low-carb diet now that I’m back in the states, and this week I will ease back in to running as we get our bearings here in Portland. But I’m still living out of a suitcase and eating lots of to-go food, which makes it tough to get into an optimal diabetes-management routine. And with the stress of moving, wedding planning, and being unemployed, I know there’s more challenges ahead for my numbers.

However, I take comfort that at least I’m back in a place where A) I speak the language and can ask for Splenda in my coffee and no rice with my dinner and B) back on my insulin pump which allows me to customize my basals and bolus for even small BG excursions and C) not switching hotels every night and going to a new city/activity/food/language all the time. That’s more stability than I’ve had in months! I’m┬átechnically┬áback on the right track, even if there are still bumps in the road ahead. Three months from now, I expect that number to be way, way down!

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An A1C of 7.8%, for me, is usually an indication of the need to adjust my ratios. But I’ve been a diabetic for almost four years, and almost half of it has been spent under the impression I was Type 2. And I wasn’t galavanting all over Asia, either.

Enjoy your transition to Portland. My impression of here in the Northwest is that Winter weather is warmer and Summer weather is cooler. We used to have a two week cold snap (where the temperature was below freezing for a few weeks) and the warm weather would begin on July 5th and last until late August (or sometimes September). The patterns are now so convoluted that there is no real pattern.

Tim, thanks for the insights on the Northwest! I appreciate that…also I love that the warm weather starts on July 5th. Hahahaha….great timing!

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