The Friday Rundown – ‘Betes Superheros, contests, and A1c, Fall Edition

jay-cutler-chicago-bears-denver-broncosAlmost nothing gets me more stoked than famous folks with diabetes using their status to make an impact, and one of the best of the best is Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Diagnosed only two short years ago, Jay’s already made being a positive role model for people, especially children, with diabetes his personal mission. He’s partnered with Lilly to provide scholarships for kids to attend diabetes camps, where they can find support in being with other kids who are going through the same challenges they are. The coolest part? Jay’s hinging the scholarships on his performance on the field – for every touchdown pass Jay throws this season, Lilly donates $1,000 in scholarships, which pays for one full camp session for a child. The program is called, of course, Touchdowns for Diabetes. Let’s go Bears!  See more of what Jay has to say about his diagnosis and his future diabetes advocacy goals in this video.

Speaking of Videos – the Making Sense of Diabetes Contest is still accepting submissions, for how you experience diabetes through one of the five senses. If you haven’t already checked out some of the videos, its a must do – it will open your eyes to interpretations of diabetes you never thought of!

And my last bit for the Friday rundown? A little shameless self-promotion: A1c results are back and I am so stoked I gotta put it in writing right here: Six. Point. Six. BOOM. Months of hard work are paying off, and I know now with my nw buddy Mr. DexCom that I’m on my way to my target range of under 6.5. Not a bad way to end the week!

Happy and healthy Friday to all, enjoy a safe and fun weekend!

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Way to go Lexi on the A1C!! Yay !! Ooh-Rah!! (and the crowd roars….). Cutler is way cool – what a guy!

Bill K. and I just did a short training ride this AM, 3 laps around Miramar Lake. At the end, in the parking lot we helped a woman trying to re-rack her new cruiser bike. The jerseys opened up a conversation on Type 1 and Type 2, and the TDC. Gave her an info card (always carry them now on the bike) and hope to see her on the 10-miler.

Great job!!!! Such a good feeling, you know? Like losing wt 🙂 Just got mine: 6.1!! Woo hoo!

I wore a CGM for a race and a 4 day span and it was interesting data. We decided I need to quadruple my dose of Glimepiride before a race. The flip? I can STOP insulin!! They saw I plummet low overnight, one day down to 42!!! I’m guessing my A1C won’t stay as low w/o insulin but we’ll see.

So, no pump for me as of yet!! I’ll postpone as long as I can.

Congrats on your fabulous A1C!!

6.1?! Way to go sista! Such a good feeling. See how you do without the insulin – with all your exercise I bet you will postpone for a while. CGMS is sooooo much information, been wearing one for a few weeks now and wow, lots of data! But, I love knowing where my numbers are heading, especially when things get hectic with my schedule! Thanks for the encouragement girl!

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