Wednesday Mornings.

“Jab, cross, left hook, right uppercut, go!” yells our instructor. It’s barely 6:15am but we’re already drenched in sweat, going to town on the heavy bags. We drill away at our bags for another 15 minutes, following the instructor’s calls for combinations. By 6:30, he tells us to take two laps – which includes a set of stairs – then take our water break. We take off running and complete the short laps as quickly as possible to get them over with.

I walk over to where my gym bag is, which is sitting next to another person’s bag. He walks over too – he’s one of the Wednesday morning regulars like me, I know him. Instead of reaching for our water bottle though, we both reach for our Dexcom receivers. His is the new G4 set, mine is the old version, wrapped in a little protective case. We both click in, process the number, set it down, think for a second. He must be doing better than I am because I pull out my pump controller to bolus  half unit while his stays fixed on his hip. Neither of us have time to grab water though before the instructor yells that it’s time to get back on the heavy bags.

We pull on our boxing gloves and we carry on and keep up with the rest of the class. We all went to the same class, yes, but it’s a little different for those of us with diabetes. Everything is. But we do it none the less.

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