I got this…because I have to…

“You’re so responsible.”

Have you ever heard that one? It usually comes after explaining what it takes to manage diabetes. You explain that it’s not as simple as not eating sugar and taking a few injections, that’s it actually impossible to get it right half the time and that your brain has turned in to one giant, number-crunching, carb-counting, bolus-deciding event planning business that you never signed up for.

Responsible? Nope. This is life with diabetes. Because if you don’t pony up and get responsible right quick, this disease has a nasty way of catching up with you. Sure, you can stack up some bad habits over the years but in terms of responsiblity, you’re either responsible enough to take insulin or…..well…the alternative ain’t pretty. Which is why even little kids who get this disease┬ácan sometimes mature very quickly after diagnosis- they know there are serious consequences to not being respo

It’s always funny when people say that they could “never manage it all,” because they’re disorganized, or that it sounds like so much work. And they’re right that it’s a ton of work. But what people forget when they say these things is that there wasn’t any choice when we were diagnosed. There wasn’t an array of medications available, there was insulin. So you could say that I’m responisble.

Or you could say that I choose to live. It’s an easy choice when you look at it that way.

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I LOVE this post. At first, when I was diagnosed I always felt sorry for myself and acted like a victim. It took a long time for me to realize that this disease wasn’t going anywhere and I needed to accept it. Overtime, I have come to the conclusion that God blessed me with T1 Diabetes because he trusted me so much that he gave me power to choose life every day. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities that Diabetes brings on, I always try to remember that I was given these responsibilities because I can handle them and that God knows that he doesn’t have to worry about me because he knows I will choose life day after day.

Thank you for this:) Our 2-year-old daughter, Isabella, was diagnosed with T1D in August and we often have people say to us that they can’t imagine being able to deal with everything that goes into managing her diabetes. The reality is that from the minute she was diagnosed we had no choice BUT to manage it, and manage it well so that she stays healthy. You’re right that there isn’t any other option…so we choose for her to live:)

Kristina Dooley

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