Wedding Planning Made Simple

The Wedding Planner: “We’re so excited you’ll be able to come do a menu tasting with us. Did you select your entrees you’d like to try?”

Us: “Yes, we did, we will email those over to you today.”

The Wedding Planner: “Great, and did you select the cake you’d like to try?”

Us: **PAUSE** “Uuuuuum, about the cake, we’re not really… well we don’t…I think we’ll be fine with whatever… we just want a small wedding cake to cut and we’ll figure out the rest of dessert later.

The Wedding Planner: “Really? Because there’s some GREAT bakeries out here….there’s tons of choices!”


Jacob: “I actually don’t really like cake.”

Me: “And I have diabetes….so….”

The Wedding Planner: **EXTREMELY LONG PAUSE, NERVOUS LAUGHTER** “Uh well ok, well that uh, I guess, takes care of that…moving on….”

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As a type 1 diabetic who doesn’t like cake I understand both you and Jacob and congratulate you on your choice for a small wedding cake.

Looking back on my wedding reception makes me thankful that I don’t like cake…figuring out insulin for that meal was hard enough. 😉

Oh, one more thing to be thankful for – there’s no such thing as wedding pies…if there were I would have been in trouble.

Wedding cakes are overrated. Instead of a cake we did a dark chocolate fountain with an assortment of delicious fresh fruit and other foods for dipping.

We had a wedding cake, but I had found a really cool paisley design I liked (she used a stencil and it was white on white, so there was just depth to the design). Then our cake that we kept in the freezer for a year was covered in edible glitter. I was SO EXCITED to get to eat that last month!

Cupcakes are the most popular type of wedding cake right now. And they’re a lot easier to bolus for!

We had wedding pie for our summer wedding and it was the BEST decision ever. I’m so glad I didn’t waste insulin on something I don’t even like.

EDIBLE GLITTER!!??!! I’ve heard enough! That’s awesome!

I love all these options! Chocolate fountains, wedding pie, whatever we choose I’m going to make sure it’s bolus worthy.

My fiance at the time searched all of Southern CA and finally found one baker who was willing to make a red velvet cake with Splenda and low-cal/low-carb substitutes for me. It wasn’t quite as pretty as the professional cake that came with our catering package, but it’s definitely the cake I remember 🙂

I agree that wedding cakes are overrated, and so much of the cake ends up going to waste. My husband and I did a very small cake and an assortment of pies and other sweet treats. That way, there’s something for everyone, plus a lovely display of desserts for guests to salivate over. The photos of that table piled high will all kinds of fabulous goodies are some of my favorite from the wedding.

My son and his bride had a ice cream sundae bar!

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