Oh High Midnight!

One thing I love about working out in the mornings is that the risk of “interrupters” is smaller at that time for me. What I mean is that if I work out in the afternoon, I could still have rapid-acting on board from a meal or correction, I could still be digesting, or running high or low because of the last meal and bolus I had. There’s a lot that can screw up my workout in the afternoon or evening.

Mornings are generally easier though. There’s no insulin on board, I haven’t eaten, and a high BG, within reason won’t stop me-and in fact a little insulin plus a workout and I’m right back in range. But the one thing that can ruin an early morning workout is being low right when you wake up. And on top of sabotaging your workout, there’s the added pain in the ass of the fact that its 5am and you’re up because of the alarm clock and then the low…and you can’t work out so you’re just…up. Ug.

My desire to not have a low weasel its way into my morning workout plans has created a bad habit though: I don’t tend to correct middle-of-the-night highs as much. The DexCom beeps in the darkness, saying “High” (“hi yourself jackass”is my usual first thought at that hour), but unless I’m really off the charts, I don’t bolus or bolus very little because I don’t want to plunge low and be forced to skip my workout in a few hours. This isn’t a good trend, because if I don’t treat it at midnight, then I’m just lying there sleeping for hours running high, something I don’t do during the day because I’d correct it.

I think I could work on bolusing smaller amounts than normal perhaps to at least ameliorate the problem rather then just let it all go. Or I could try bolusing/basaling differently the night before, because the culprit of the high in the first place is usually latent digestion of high-protein foods. I’ve been able to combat some of these in the past using a higher basal rate for a few hours after eating say, salmon, rather than trying to extend the bolus.

I’ve got to try something, because lord knows I’m one grumpy gal when I awoken from my precious sleep!

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Totally with you on this. Mornings are a great time for exercise, besides that whole being tired thing, I mean. 🙂

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