Giving thanks…to the ‘betes

I’m inspired today by OmniPod’s online community website, Suite D. They asked a bunch of us bloggers to tell them what about diabetes we’re thankful for. I know I know, diabetes is generally a rotten, no-good, selfish, beta-cell destroying bastard  BUT you have to admit, there’s some good things about having this disease. For example, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve just connected with someone else who has diabetes. Whoopee!! What’s that you say? Just reading I Run on Insulin isn’t enough to say “thanks” to diabetes:) Well that’s ok – there truly are many things that having diabetes has brought into my life that I am thankful for. So in honor of the holiday of giving thanks coming up tomorrow, here’s a short list of why I’ll thank diabetes before I carve that (low carb!) turkey. Feel free to add your own here in the comments, and check out all the entries over at Suite D:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the time with your loved ones. And don’t be ashamed of taking a few extra units to cover that pumpkin pie – it’s totally bolus-worthy.

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I’m thankful that a diagnosis of diabetes before more seroius damage occurred has motivated me to take care of my health, exercise and be aware of my choices. I’m thankful it brought me to volunteer in the Tour de Cure which in turn expanded my awareness and introduced me to wonderful d-world fellow-travelers – like you đŸ™‚

Thanks, Alexis! Hope you have a great holiday!

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