One special delivery.

The FedEx truck pulled up on our street and I heard the steps of the delivery man coming towards our door.

Probably another delivery for work was my first thought.

He knocked on our door and when I opened it, he seemed surprised to see me.

“You’re never home,” he said. “I was just about to leave a note for you like I usually do to tell you where you can pick this up. This package requires a signature.”

I looked at the package in his hands. It was a huge and puffy envelope that looked ready to burst open. It looked exactly like the packages that contain my insulin when I use mail order – huge envelopes packed with dry ice and six tiny bottles of Humalog. But I hadn’t ordered any insulin recently.

“Oh, hhhm well that’s weird,”  I said. “Is it refrigerated?”

“Nope” he said. “It’s from outside the country though.”

Then it clicked, and I smiled. “Oh. Now I know what it is.” I signed for the package, took it from him and closed the door.

I went into the bedroom and carefully lay the large package down on the bed, then gently pulled open the taped edge. This definitely wasn’t insulin, and in this moment, diabetes was far from my mind. My mind instead drifted to a day that’s still 10 months away but I can’t stop thinking about and dreaming about.

Then, I slowly pulled out my gorgeous wedding dress from its packaging and let it unfurl to its full length. Yes, diabetes was far, far from my mind in that moment. It was too full of excitement to have room for anything else.

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Awww, I’m verklempt. So happy for you and Jacob

Awesome! You ordered a Wedding Dress? I thought women took all their sisters, friends, mothers,neighbors to pick them out. My wife took her sisters and mother.

Hey Todd! I did the whole “go try on dresses with everyone you know” thing and it was so fun! But then I just wrote down all the styles I liked and found it for less than half the price on the Internet.

YYAAYYYY!!!! What an awesome package to open!
And nicely done on the shopping around – way to save tons of moola 😀

How wonderfully exciting!!

That is very cool, and still very fresh from my end. Good luck on the whole wedding planning, I just got married last month. It can be crazy, but such a blast! Congrats:)

ps, let me know if you have any questions, I feel like my wife knows everything now and we got married in SD.

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