The Second Global Diabetes Summit is coming up!

November 14th marks the beginning of a busy few days in the world of diabetes. And by busy I mean that the most talented, smartest, most-likely-to-find-a-damn-cure-already minds will be gathering at Ohio State University for the Second Global Diabetes Summit November 14th – 17, just in time to kick of World Diabetes Day.

All the details are provided below by their press release, and if you’re able to attend either live or via the web, you will be privy to THE meeting of the minds when it comes to advancing treatments for diabetes and looking for a cure. What’s so cool about this summit is the fact that it asks what we need to do GLOBALLY for diabetes. Yes, here in America we have our issues: crappy insurance plans that cost an arm and a leg but won’t cover enough test strips, HMOs that hold us back from specialty care and so on. But truth be told, these are first world problems. We’re lucky to live in a country where most people aren’t worried about finding electricity to power a fridge so they can safely store their medications in a desert climate. Those are the real issues facing thousands of people across the globe. Read on for more information regarding the Summit below.

 Join Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center and International Diabetes Experts

The Second Global Diabetes Summit will be held Nov. 14 – 17 at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center. The theme for the Summit is “New Horizons in Diabetes: Genetic to Personalized Health Care,” and will be led by a variety of diabetes physicians, researchers and advocates regarding the latest research on prevention, diabetes technology, cellular and tissue therapies, islet cell therapy, pharmacology, pregnancy and cardiovascular disease and other relevant topics. 

Diabetes experts will discuss the latest research behind The U.S. National Diabetes Prevention Program, the global pandemic of obesity and diabetes in adults, including epidemiological solutions and challenges, and the global economic impact of diabetes. They will also discuss genomics and diabetes, gestational diabetes, and the latest treatments, including the future oral anti-diabetic medications. 

On a global scale, diabetes and its complications are major causes of early death in most countries. In 2011, approximately 4.6 million people ages 20-79 died from diabetes, accounting for 8.2 percent of global all-cause mortality of people in this age group. Additionally, diabetes adds a significant cost to health systems, costing the United States $174 billion annually.

The issues, discoveries and strategies discussed at the summit will impact the work of researchers, providers, policymakers, stakeholders and health care agencies in the United States and around the world. Dr. Kwame Osei, chair and host of the summit, says the more researchers, physicians and educators can collaborate, the closer we’ll be to a cure for diabetes. To view a complete agenda and register, visit You can follow along during the Summit by following #gds12 on Twitter.

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