Bugging out…or in?

Well. This is a new one. Last night I crawled into bed and went to calibrate my CGM with a fresh finger stick reading. I clicked in to the Dexcom and saw this guy:











That’s a tiny bug. Trapped inside my CGM. The poor guy was just doing laps around the screen area of my Dex. Over and over again, like some teeny tiny little bug Nascar race. I can only assume he got in via the plug port on the bottom of the receiver. I left it on the floor of the bedroom that night, and he was gone by morning.

I bet that 179mg/dL made him nervous too. And it probably scared the crap out of him when the thing alarmed about 15 minutes later indicating I’d crested 180mg/dL. Can you imagine being stuck in a huge dark box with a see-through ceiling, and every once in a while the entire floor lights up with a blue luminescence, like some spastic disco dance floor?

Me neither. Poor bug!


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Musta been a bug in the software :~) I like the disco floor reference, reminded me of John Travolta in a white suit, “Oo, oo, oo, oo Stayin’ Alive”

Let’s hope that bug managed to stay alive and isn’t rattling around in the depths of my Dexcom reciever!!

too funny


I probably would have thrown my Dex across the room!

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