Technology: You can run, but you can’t hide. That’s generally a good thing…

Me: “Hi there, I was just calling to find out more about getting the new G4 Dexcom system.”

Customer Service Agent: “Great, I can help you with that. We’ll review your insurance information to see about your coverage here in a minute. Did you have any questions about the new system?”

Me: “Not really. I’m a current user so I’m familiar with how it works. I’m excited that this system is going to be even more accurate and that it has a color screen. Very cool.”

Customer Service Agent: “Yeah! It is cool, and there’s some new features too. The new system has a longer signal range, so the new receivers can pick up readings from up to 20 feet away.”

Me: “Oh. Really? Um. 20 feet? That far?”

Customer Service Agent: “Yeah, isn’t that great?”

Me: “Um sometimes. But what happens when you want to get away from it? Like when it’s being annoying and you want to hide from it and banish it to the other room? It can still find you from the other room?”

Customer Service Agent: (Long pause). “I’m not sure about that mam. I haven’t had that question before. Let’s check on your insurance coverage.”

The new Dexcom G4 Platinum. Awesome. Unless you want to hide from it. 🙂

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Haha, so true!!! Sometimes at night, if Dexy is completely off, I put it in the bathroom and it can’t find me. However, last week when I did it, it was totally picking me up and it looked like a disco in the bathroom with all the lights and beeping. I can’t imagine where I will put it with a 20ft radius!!! Can’t wait to hear how you like the new system.

The new G4 has more pleasant alarms anyway 😉 and you will love it. Sensor is supposedly more accurate and smaller (believe it or not).Receiver is very cool and looks like any other ordinary tertiary device…but we know what it’s impact is. Pick a color too?

Yeah that’s the one downside about the Dexcom…how they brag and boast that they’re the only device to auto alarm at 55mg/dL…what about when it’s not accurate?!? What about when I am really a perfect 100 and it won’t stop going off? They say this one is more accurate at low ranges, plus I’m pretty excited to have a pink receiver 🙂

Woohoo! Mine should be shipping on the 29th! So excited!And I never thought about wanting to get away from it…lol oh well!

Oh sweet, I am certainly going to check my coverage to get a new one! Have you gotten yet?

Not yet! Waiting for the new year so my insurance renews so I can get it for freeeeeeee!

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