Supply invasion.

Ever since my company was bought out by a huge corporation I’ve been stockpiling my diabetes supplies in the event that I lose my job (don’t worry yet though! Per recent communications, job is totally fine right now!).

As I cram strips and sensors and vials of insulin into every available storage space, I wonder if diabetes is taking over my house. Or at least the hall closet per the picture below. Although I might have to forgo my shoe space pretty soon here to make room for all my d-supplies, the thought that my insurance could suddenly go kaput is a scary one. Having extra supplies is the peace of mind that keeps me sane right now.

The first to go would be the exact items you see in the picture – fancy gadgets like my Dexcom and pump. Without insurance the supplies for those two items alone would cost me almost $1,000 a month. And as much as I love how much easier they make my life, they are “nice to haves” not “need to haves.” If I don’t have insurance, I’ll be back on Lantus and Humalog injections via pens (which I’ve been collecting as well), and back to finger stick checks only (strips are also being stockpiled!).

The thing I have remind myself is that I was successful on injections and fingersticks for fifteen years. I’ve only been on a pump for four years and the Dex for three. I know I could go back to manual transmission if I had to and be just fine. Although that hasn’t stopped me from trying to collect as many Dexcom sensors as will possibly fit in my hall closet….never enough!



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