That’d be nice…if it was true.

Hey Dexcom! I really appreciate how awesome you THINK my blood sugars are. Honestly, that 101 mg/dL post-lunch blood sugar was making me feel like a real rock star. You had me thinking I really nailed that one.  I really appreciate all the faith you have in my diabetes management. Too bad it was completely wrong.


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This is the very reason why I quit using the minimed CMS. I believe, it stressed me out more then it helped me. The lag time is so great that I would be low way before it would tell me. I would be passed out if I waited for it to show a low blood sugar. I know, I am suppose to watch the trend arrows, but I found it completely stressful, with it beeping at me all the time.

We are all rock stars for having to put up with this everyday.

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