Tanlines: Diabetes Edition

I am so glad that my diabetes devices are waterproof. Because when I went out for two hours on Sunday to try stand-up paddle boarding, I felt safe knowing I still had my basals running. I also applied SPF 50, which did NOT keep me safe from the blazing San Diego sun.

But doggone it if it didn’t make for one HILARIOUS photo when I removed my pod that night. I about died laughing when I saw the outline of my previous OmniPod emblazoned like a bad tattoo on my lower back. Ah the hazards of diabetes – can’t say I thought this would be one of them!

Note to self: SPF 100 next time, and reapply often.




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Good thing you didn’t write your name in SPF50 sunscreen!! Starting to look like BatGirl’s utility belt.

Ooh, you poor little sunburned tushie!

hilarious… that is what you are…

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