Barely a Bolus Required: Hillshire Farm Recipe!

It’s Monday folks. And I’m not all that stoked about the busy work week I have ahead. When I find myself totally unexcited about the day ahead of me, there’s a happy place I go to in my head. It’s called “What should we have for dinner?” I love to cook, I love to eat, and planning the evening meal in my head throughout the day helps me have something to look forward to.

I’ve been meaning to elaborate on some of the great experiences I had at the BlogHer ’12 conference, and today is the perfect day to highlight one of my favorite sponsors from the event, Hillshire Farm. As I mentioned in this post, the vendors at BlogHer ’12 pulled out all the stops. There were giveaways galore, display booths that made my jaw drop, and friendly representatives at every turn that were fighting for your attention.

But one problem I had in each of the three massive expo halls was that most of the food being given away was carb-heavy. There were cake pops and energy bars, and even an entire station devoted to honey. And as cool as all of them were, I had to resist for fear of burning out my insulin pump.

But then I wandered over to the Hillshire Farm booth and saw this guy:







He was cooking up a delicious-smelling storm using all kinds of ingredients. At first, I saw him pouring rice into a stir-fry concoction, and thought I’d have to move on. But then I saw their ingredient menu (the full one is too big to include in this post but check out Step 2:)





All of a sudden, I was in low carb heaven. I easily pulled together a few ingredients which the chef happily whipped up. It was a delicious, healthy, fresh combo that didn’t budge my BG one bit. I was so happy to find a diabetes-friendly booth at the conference, and the best part is that Hillshire Farm foods are sold all over the country in major grocery stores. Here’s link to find a retailer near you. I’m happy to write about Hillshire Farm because they made a big difference for me at the BlogHer Conference, and because they kindly reached out after the conference and thanked me for writing about them in a previous post. I dig any company that listens to their customers and looks for ways to enrich their lives.

So, if you’re like me and wondering what the heck to cook tonight, here’s a little inspiration. Use a large skillet on the stove, slice up the sausages and brown them first using a little olive oil at a medium heat so they don’t cook to quickly.

I’m not including total amounts of each ingredient because it varies for the number of people you’re cooking for. In general though, I’d recommend two sausages per person, then add equal parts of your other ingredients EXCEPT for the baby spinach. I’d double the amount of that because 1) it cooks down quite a bit and 2) that’s serving in place of rice for your “bulk”.


Hillshire Farm Gourmet Creations Chicken Apple Sausage with Gouda Cheese

Raw baby spinach

Sliced mushrooms

Broccoli florets

Sliced white onion

Season with black pepper (you likely won’t need more salt because the sausage has quite a bit of flavor).

Add a little tomato sauce at the end, enough to coat all the food and voila, low-carb lusciousness. Here’s some photos of finished creations from BlogHer ’12.
















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