No, actually you suck.

The Scene: The checkout counter at a local pharmacy. I hand over my items for purchase: An A1c Now Test, Advil, and a bottle of conditioner.

Checkout Guy: (scanning the A1c test) “Man I’m hoping I never need one of these!”

Me: “Oh. Um. Do you have diabetes?”

Checkout Guy: “Nooooooo! No way. But my whole family does. And I used to be really fat. So I’m trying not to get there.”

Me: (hoping to make this an educational moment) “Well, I have Type 1 diabetes and I….”

Checkout Guy: “That sucks.”

Me: “Um what? No. No it actually doesn’t suck. In fact there’s a lot of other way suckier things out there than diabetes. You just have to manage it. The fact that you know you have a family history means you can do something about it.”

Checkout Guy: “Oh yea and I do. I mean, I used weigh like 350 pounds in high school. I’ve lost over 50 pounds since then and I’m still losing so I’m trying.”

Me:  (with renewed optimism about this conversation) “That’s great! Did you know losing just five to ten percent of your body weight can slash your diabetes risk in HALF?”

Checkout Guy: “So like do you have to take shots and stuff?”

Me: **SIGH** “Yes.”

Checkout Guy: “That sucks.”

Me: “You have a great day now.”



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Everyone has a diabetic pet peeve. The next person who tells me, “you’re too skinny to be a diabetic” gets a complimentary manual radial keratotomy with a dirty finger!

Ooh, ooh, I’ll play!

I didn’t have insurance for about 2.5 years, and this one time, I went to the pharmacy (CVS pharmacy. Don’t go there. Ever.), and had my prescription filled for ONE bottle of insulin, because I couldn’t afford two, and it came out to $152. The guy behind the counter looked at the total and said, “Maaaan, if I had to pay THIS much for a prescription, I’d kill myself!”

. . . . . .


“Do you realize that spending hours a day next to these diabetes supplies and talking to me for five minutes, considering your family history, means it’s practically inevitable that you’ll catch diabetes? That sucks.”

If I were you, and were in a particularly sarcastic mood, that would’ve been my response. Fortunately it was you and not me, and you chose to take the high road. Nice job! As for the conversation with the kid behind the counter, well, that sucks.

Ok I know people will disagree with me but I don’t find anything wrong with what this guy said. 🙂 To me it sounds like he was trying to be sympathetic and conversational with a customer about a disease he doesn’t have much knowledge about and is scared of getting it based on what he’s heard. It doesn’t sound like he was trying to be offensive. The reality is, it DOES suck to take shots. It DOES suck to take insulin and have highs and lows. He’s not wrong about that.
I’m sure I have accidently offended people with other diseases by asking dumb questions, making the wrong assumptions or talking to them about a stereotype that I don’t know is a stereotype because I don’t have the disease.
I’m sure he didn’t mean to offend you!

Hey Nikki I hear ya! I think I’m offended by him using the words “that sucks.” I would NEVER say to someone that has cancer or MS or anything that “that sucks.” I might say “I”m sorry to hear that.” But not “That sucks.” I agree that he wasn’t trying to offend me, but the choice of words hurt my feelings. I felt like he was saying “YOU suck.”

I’m in my fifties, and am offended by the word “sucks,” when it is used in any other way than “the baby sucks on its bottle,” or “children suck on lollipops,” etc. This guy at the pharmacy WAS trying to be sympathetic. He was trying to tell you that he felt for you, and was sorry that you have diabetes.

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