A1C Now: For Folks of Antsy-Pants Variety

I’m having one of those three-month windows in my life where I’m entirely unsure of what my A1c test result is going to be. I’ve felt a little all over the place with my numbers lately, and feel like my A1c could reflect all that bouncing by either averaging out kind of decent, or being really crappy. It’s a toss-up, you know?

I had my blood drawn on Monday, but since my doctor ships it off to a lab for multiple tests, I wouldn’t be able to call and find out the results until Friday. And that seemed like a really long time to wait. And if you know me, you know that waiting is not something I’m particularly good at. Downright impatient might be more like it, if I’m being honest. Then I remembered the A1c Now home test kit that I’ve seen at the pharmacies. Curious and impatient, I popped in to a pharmacy to pick one up.

Once I found the kit though, I paused for a good long minute: the kit costs $40. Forty bucks? That’s a nice dinner out, that’s a movie date for two, that’s 40 test strips – that’s a LOT of things and a LOT of money to spend just because I can’t wait five days to get a lab result.

But, in the valiant name of research for this very important blog I write here, I decided to take the plunge. I forked over forty big ones for that kit, and immediately opened it up in the car, and immediately screwed up my first try taking it.

Thank goodness that forty bucks actually gets you TWO A1c tests! The kit comes with two sets of lancing/blood capturing components and two cartridges that do the actually reading part. My mistake was not putting enough blood in the test capsule the first time. Round two, I nailed it though.

The kit is only slightly complicated to put together – I was able to figure it out using only the quick start guide, and I blame myself rushing through it for my first try error. It’s generally straightforward and easy to use. You lance your finger, put the blood in the capsule (easier than it sounds, the capsule sucks up the blood drop like test strips do), attach it to a solution that mixes up, stick a cartridge in the machine, push the mixture on the test area, and then wait five minutes. Voila: A1c results. The icing on the (sugar free) cake? Mine came back as 6.4% – sweet!

I’ll be interested to see if that result is in line with the lab results from my doctor. The A1c Now kit is approved for use by the FDA, so I’d like to think it’s pretty accurate if not dead-on. I loved being able to know the number in just five minutes, but the downside is the cost. For forty bones, I will force myself in the future to wait it out for lab results that I’m already paying for.

But for those antsy-pants moments when you just gotta know, this test is pretty rad!

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My doc gets his results pretty quickly but he prefers that you wait until he mails them to you which sometimes takes 2 weeks. I try not to stress it.

The A1C Now tests typically come back 0.2-0.4% lower than the results from my doctor’s office, but the trends are spot on.

A warning that those tests expire pretty fast. I got a great deal on a 10-pack on Amazon and then discovered they expired within 6 months.

I played with that unit a while back and found it was spot on with my Doctors A1C, but he does have some machine in the office that gets the number in a few minutes rather than waiting on lab work.

I used it recently. Home test = 7.4 ; office test- 7.8 (rats!)

I was bummed how far apart they were. What were your results?

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