How cool is this?

This is a photo of my new friend Risa, who I met at the BlogHer conference, and it’s a shameless plug for both her device and her business, which I think are rad. Risa does personal training, health and wellness coaching, and weight loss management. She also works with a ton of Type 2 patients, but her best friend is a Type 1.

She was one of those non-diabetic people who totally understands the difference between the two from her first-hand experience, which always gives me a little sense of relief. As soon as I told her I had diabetes and she asked “Type 1 or Type 2?” I already knew I was talking to someone who had more information than your average person – most people don’t even ask that question. We talked about how stressful it can be to manage a chronic illness on top of everything else in life, and I asked her how she kept her clients motivated.

She reached down to her waistband and pulled of a little glucose-meter-looking device.

“With this!” she exclaimed. “It’s a little pedometer, shaped like a glucose meter to remind people of the diabetes and exercise connection. I give them a goal number of steps to take each day and this way, they can track their steps and stay motivated to meet their goal.”

I love that her little device helps people make the important link between exercise and diabetes management. Plus, I just think it’s funny to make anything look like a “pretend glucose meter.” Risa’s got the right idea: SHOW people what they need to do and how to do it. When you know better, you do better.

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Nice and yes, so critical. My son is T1 and a high level ice hockey player so we know all too well the importance.
Thanks for bringing more visibility to this! And, glad Tricia introduced us.

So glad Tricia introduced us too Steve! Thanks for swinging by the blog. Sounds like your son is lucky to have a dad like you that’s so involved in his care and such an advocate!

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