Golds all around.

Like the rest of the country, I have total Olympic fever right now and have spent the last week staying up waaaaay to late while yelling “U-S-A” at the TV like a crazy person. Watching these epic athletes made me think about events that I feel like I could medal in. These events actually have nothing to do with sports whatsoever and everything to do with diabetes, but guess what? A doggone gold medal, pedestal-tiered award ceremony, and a rousing rendition of our national anthem might actually make me feel better about having diabetes some days. Ya with me? Good. Let’s make this a thing then.

First off, I know myself well enough to admit I would not be winning the gold in Best All Around Diabetes Management, but I’ve got a few events that I feel like I could set some records in. For example:

The Standing, One-Handed Glucose Check. Extra points for completing it with a plate of picnic food in the other hand. Judged on style and speed.

Bolusing for Cake Pops (don’t be misled by assuming they all need 1.7 units. Those pink ones pack a punch). Blood sugar closest to 100mg/dL after 20 minutes is declared the winner.

Insertion of a DexCom Sensor Speed Trial: Must go from a brand new, fully packaged sensor to full insertion in an FDA-approved body part.

Hiding a Pod Pump in a Bathing Suit: Two Ppiece Edition.

Carb Counting Multi-Ingredient Meals. First up, assorted foods from the County Fair. Deep fried Snickers bar anyone?

I feel like I’ve trained more than half my life for these events, mostly because us folks with diabetes are executing amazing feats every day just by managing this crazy, non-sensical disease.

What event would you medal in? And I’m serious about making this a thing. We can meet every four years and get sweet uniforms and matching glucose meters. It’s gonna be awesome.


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I’m in!

My event would be Getting the Most our of Having to Buy Insulin: most airmiles collected at the pharmacy category.

It would be a nice idea!
And within the Olympic spirit, I invite you all to Rio, Brazil – since we´re already hosting the real one in 4 years, why don´t include the Diabetic one? 🙂

I´m still mastering my sports, ´cause it´s all a bit new to me, but until then I´ll probably be gold in many events!

Swimming. I have mastered the art of maintaining perfect, stable blood sugars while swimming and totally think that’s worth a place on the podium. Because lord knows I won’t get a medal for my actual swimming ability.

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