Goose egg.

On Saturday I woke up a little low – nothing too crazy, somewhere in the mid 60s. I didn’t treat the low because my blood sugar will often rise on its own first thing in the morning as my “wake up” adrenaline kicks in gear. I didn’t bolus for breakfast because I only had eggs and some cheese. We left shortly after that to go wine tasting with a group of friends out in east county, and I seemed be running low all day. Around 4pm, still not having bolused yet, I clocked a 58mg/dL. That one I did fix, especially because there was alcohol on board. I got up to about 130mg/dL with the GU pack, and carried on.

We didn’t eat again until about 6pm. We grazed on appetizers and more wine, and even though we ate some chips, croquettes and other carby food, I still didn’t bolus because I was still running low. And the BG barely budged up with our snacks.

Later that night, I met up with a group of friends at a local restaurant to celebrate a birthday. I was starving by that point, so I grabbed a slice of pizza.¬† Still no bolus. The night went on, there were more cocktails and some dancing, and my BG never went above 160mg/dL. By the time I got home around midnight, I actually had a DexCom arrow pointing slightly down. Because I’d had drinks and was heading to bed and was worried about crashing out, I made myself a snack of some leftover risotto.

Yep. Risotto. As in rice. As in the carbiest thing on the planet. I had a small bowl of it, checked my BG again in 20 minutes (131mg/dL) and went to sleep. As I drifted off, I kept waiting for the DexCom to call me to say “HIGH” (get it? Call me to say high? HA – diabetes puns!) but it never called. I slept all through the night and was rousted by yet another low at 9am which woke me up for the day.

I then checked my pump and realized I did not take a single bolus unit all day Saturday. Not one. I know that’s likely because of 1.) the slow and steady stream of small amounts of alcohol throughout the day with the wine tasting – alcohol lowers your blood sugar by suppressing glucagon and 2.) from not eating much throughout the day. But not a single bolus unit all day long? That’s unheard of for me, even given the special circumstances. I’m thinking the fact that I’m back in my normal workout routine after two weeks vacation might have something to do with it too. It was so strange to see the bolus total at zero on my pump (see photo). That just never happens, especially with high carb foods on board like the pizza and risotto.

Either wine works as well as insulin for keeping number in check, or I had some rogue beta cells¬†fighting to the death on Saturday and pumping our some secret insulin. Either way, I’ll take the awesome days worth of BGs any time!

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What was it about this past Saturday? Did watching all those fit athletes during the opening ceremonies cause our pancs to subconsciously want to work correctly??
I stayed low/in range all day Saturday too. No wine here, just a little extra activity. Maybe I should keep that up…lol.

Any time I read about someone not taking a bolus for a meal (non-PWDs excluded, of course), I cringe… “how does that work?” I ask. Even if I’m 65 going into a meal, if I don’t bolus – eventually – I’ll spike sky-high. A whole day? That’s unheard of, at least in my body.

Maybe your basal is too high. Maybe mine is too low. Maybe you’re cured (tell that to the 58 mg/dl!). With your go-ahead, I’ll happily raise my glass of wine and make a toast to the third…

Scott – ha! Raise that glass my friend. Please know this is totally unheard of for me. Usually all I have to do is look in the direction of food and my BG heads right up. This day was a total anomoly for me. Truly bizarre. I’m going with Jessica’s theory that it was a little Olympic inspiration to our beta cells somehow….

Can I have an A-MEN! This child is HEALED! Praise Be, Lawdy-Lawdy!! Care for another portion of the pasta from hell, with a double side of sushi?!?! Maybe it IS the Olympics – during the Cycling Road Race my BG did a sympathy low every time they climbed ZigZag Road!!

I’ve had type 1 diabetes for about 2 and a half years and I rarely bolus. I will go weeks without a bolus sometimes. I have a very small dose of 6 units of lantus insulin everyday and thats about it. I exercise regularly and have a very low carb diet and my BG levels are good and steady.

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