This stuff? Works.

Thanks to all the info I received from everyone in regard to this post, I finally hopped on the ole Internet Machine and ordered myself some adhesive-tape removing pads. I found this brand easily on Amazon, and my fiance trusted the name because he recognized it from the hospitals he’s worked in (nice to have a medical professional in the family, I tell ya).

After a site change for my OminPod the other day, I showered and scrubbed and still had a gross outline of the last pod from lint-covered tape residue on my back. Then I remembered I was prepared for this, and I whipped out a PDI adhesive remover pad.

Although the solution smells a little funky (kind of like an alcohol swab with a hint of….I really don’t even know what to call it….), it removed every last bit of tape, and I didn’t have to scrub hard to make it come off. It just kind of melted away, and I had some of my valuable skin real estate back just in time to hit the beach adhesive-free. I love it when stuff WORKS!

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I use the Smith & Nephew “Remove” product and it works good too. I found out while working on the house that it, also, removes tar quite well.

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