Things that drive me crazy…

…include but are not limited to the following: Ordering an iced coffee with NO sweetener, putting in a Splenda and some creamer, getting back in the car on a hot-as-H – E – Double Hockey Sticks day (on which you also got up at 5:30am to go running and it’s now 2pm and you need that coffee more than air), getting on the freeway, taking a sip and realizing….they put the sweetener in. Which will have you going from 99mg/dL to sweating ketones in about two minutes.

But you know what makes it all ok? Driving to your next appointment location, taking said incorrect coffee in to a different Starbucks and after telling them what happened and that you have diabetes and your reeeeeeally can’t have any sweetener in there and having them replace it, on the spot, no questions asked.

Proof you should always double check your drink order whether it’s coffee or a cocktail. And proof that sometimes even the big, corporate, super-chain stores still do right by their customers.

Have a great weekend party people!

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All I ask is consistency. Some Starbucks locations say they don’t put sweetener in unless you ask. Others do it automatically.

I recently ordered an iced coffee at a McDonalds drive thru, asking for milk and Equal through the intercom (thought it was clear), and when I reached the window, the guy asked “Equal…so does this mean you don’t want liquid sugar, too?”. At other locations, I now make it a point to say “no liquid sugar” (which is the real term, as ridiculous as it sounds) and they look at me like I’m crazy for stating the obvious. Like I asked them not to put ketchup in there, too.

I must say – Starbucks (no matter what location I go to) has ALWAYS been helpful with looking up information. Even Googling carb counts on their own smart phones if they did not have the flyer with nutritional information available at the store. Things like this make having diabetes just a little bit easier:)

Wow, that’s awesome of them! I know a Starbucks manager–he’d been a store manager for several other chains before he settled on Starbucks. Now I can see why!

that bums me and I am getting sugar free ice cream for the restaurant… what do you think about that?

I curtail my coffee consumption to a latte two hours before bed (it actually puts me to sleep). In it I put unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and a dash of my own Vanilla-flavored simple sugar syrup (made with Splenda). I keep asking for almond milk when I do have one out in hopes of convincing them a lot of people would love it (almond milk is low-carb and high protein).

Scott hahaha! Love that. “Like I asked them not to put ketchup in there too.” Too funny. Yes, they might think you’re being particular but better safe than sorry!

BB I like sugar free ice cream but make sure its low in carbohydrates – sometimes they take out the refined sugar but there’s still a ton of carbs in it, which is what really matters!

Tim – I LOVE almond milk. I first tried it when I went on the Paleo diet for a few weeks and never stopped drinking it. When I make lattes at home, I use almond milk and its delicious.

Can you tell me more about that simple sugar syrup – do you make it yourself? If so I’d love to know the recipe!

Get an old Torani bottle(including lid!)and a funnel that fits the neck, wash it out. Measure out 3 cups of Splenda and put it in an easily pourable container. In a sauce pan or large pot bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Once it reaches a roiling boil, turn the heat to low and stir in the Splenda constantly until the it dissolves completely. Once it’s all disolved, take it off the burner and let it cool.

If you want to, you can strain out any crystals using a tea strainer, but you don’t really need to. Once it cools pour it into the Torani bottle. Pour in 4 1/2 teaspoons of your favorite extract (vanilla for me), put on lid and shake. You may want to try it with two cups the first time until you get the hang of it. Put it in the fridge, because YOUR simple syrup has no preservatives (unlike DaVinci or Torani).

Awesome! Thanks Tim – sounds delish.

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