The Tape Wars

At any given time, my body may looks like a canvas for dried glue artwork. The adhesives on my insulin pods and my DexCom sensors often leave behind a sticky signature, and sometimes it can take quite a bit of work to get it off. I change my pod every three days and my sensor every seven, so it seems like there’s always something being moved and re-set and newly-infused that leaves behind a gummy shadow of itself. Sometimes I get so tired of scrubbing away at the residue that I give up and just leave it. Which means you run around with a tape-gunk ring on your tummy (like in the pic below) that makes you feel like you’re the smelly kid from Charlie Brown with the flies over your head. Diabetes residue. Gross.

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Oh! When I saw the title I thought you would have a magic “in the know solution.” Darn.

Don’t I know it! If you’re tired of picking away at it with your fingernails or cleaning it with burning alcohol, try Uni-Solve (; every few days I use it when the black marks are getting overwhelming, and it does a pretty good job. And it smells “minty, not mediciney”

Thanks Scott!! I’m going to try that – good idea. I like the sound of minty….

I look forward to a “minty” tummy someday, though there will be no one to appreciate it except me. 🙁

You have got to get some little Uni-solve swabs. They are packaged like alcohol swabs. My pharmacy special orders me a few boxes at a time. We use them to remove pods from my 10 year old daughter. We deactivate the old pod, swab it with unisolve and let it sit while we prime and insert the new pod, then the old pod peels right off. She isn’t even red from the old pod. Sometimes we use a second swab to clean up extra adhesive.

I have to disagree with Scott. It is a solvent and does smell a bit but we just clean up her skin with a wet paper towel.

I’m gonna second that motion on the uni-solve. It works really well and is soft and gentle on your skin. Only thing is be careful if you have on nail polish! It will take it off! haha!

Also, tea tree oil on a cotton ball.

Baby oil works like a charm.

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