Diabeteze Bars – Thumbs Up!

As a diabetes blogger, I get inquiries about reviewing food products for people with diabetes from time to time. As most of us have experienced, there’s a lot of false information about what is “safe” or “good” or “helps control” your diabetes out there. We have to look past label claims and investigate what actually works for ourselves and our diabetes regimens. So when I received an email from a company claiming they had a snack bar that helped control blood sugar levels and was all natural and actually tasted good, I was skeptical, but interested.

Enter Diabeteze bars: Touted as a snack or meal replacement bar that is “formulated for diabetics, great for everyone,” the bars claim to be made from all natural ingredients and to have a low glycemic index. The company (Innova Nutrition) also notes that these bars have a low “net carb” content because of a high fiber content (18 grams of carbs minus the 5 grams of fiber should = 13 grams of CHO, technically). When their Marketing Manager Ana contacted me, I let her know I’ve had trouble in the past with “net carbs.” I find I’m often still affected by the total carbs, or at least more than the label claims (I’m still reeling from the Dreamfields pasta incident of 2009…let’s just say it ended with a 492 mg/dL). However, Ana told me her husband is a Type 1 and loves these bars AND he doesn’t need to bolus for them. Co-Type 1 approved? I was definitely game to try them. Innova Nutrition kindly sent me some samples to try out.

The bars come in two flavors currently, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Mint Chocolate, and from sampling both several times I can vouch for several things:

• They are delicious.

• They are indeed all-natural! I read every ingredient on the label and even Googled some of them that I didn’t know. 🙂

• They didn’t raise my blood sugar…much…more on that later.

• They are 180 calories – a good sized snack, but for me, too few calories to be a meal replacement.

So about the blood sugar part. I checked my BG before eating a bar, mid morning with no insulin on board, and I was at 130mg/dL. One hour after eating the bar with no bolus insulin I was at 160, so for me, it did raise my BG a little bit. If I was going to eat this as a snack, I’d bolus a unit for it, personally (everyone is different though, you might need to experiment with them to see what works). The slight rise in BG made a light bulb go off in my head though: these are a PERFECT snack before long runs/bike rides when I’m training for a distance event! They can give my BG a little bump, and the high fiber content can help keep me full and steady on the BG front for hours. Plus, they’re just the right amount of calories for a pre-workout snack. Throughout my last half marathon training, I really struggled with what to eat before a two hour run – too many carbs would leave me high during and post-run, too few would leave me starving and low. I’m excited to incorporate these bars into the next distance training I do, and I even had one before the Tour de Cure bike ride on Saturday (much more on that event later) which worked perfectly.

Bottom line review: these are a great snack, you just might need to customize what you use them for and how you bolus (or don’t bolus for them). Get some for yourself here. YUM! Special thanks to Innova Nutrition for the samples!

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I was always under the impression that you took the amount of carbs minus half the amount of fiber to determine effective carbs, so it would be 18g-2.5g= 15.5g effective carbs. (At least that’s what I remember from my classes 3 years ago).

Tim – that’s interesting, I actually had not heard that math before, but maybe that would work better for me. I’m going to try it.

Tim is right, my diabetes education was 23 years ago when I was 5 years old. During my teenage years I didn’t listen to the nutritionists (I managed my diabetes well, just got annoyed at the nitpicking). At a recent endo appt I met with a nutritionist who told me that I was doing my carb calculations wrong and that you are only supposed to subtract half of the grams of fiber. I don’t count carefully enough for it to matter but I thought it was interesting…

I went back and read my diabetes ed folder. Anything with 5g of fiber or over, you subtract half the amount of carbs. Less than that is a push, apparently.

Hi Alexis,

I’m not a fan of sugar alcohols. Have you tried the Quest Bar. I find I have little increase in my sugar and some of the flavors don’t have sugar alcohol.

Alexis, I forwarded your blog to our Nutritionist, and she contacted the company and is getting samples for our Institute! Can’t wait to try them with the hopes that my 6 year old CWD will like them!
Take care!

Jessica – let me know how it goes with your CWD and the bars! I’d like to hear if your child likes them and how they affect his/her BG.

Lynna – I haven’t tried those but I’m interested – I sometimes have trouble with sugar alcohols too. I’m going to look in to those. Thanks for your comment!

They sound great I also have a diabetes related blog so I hope they come & find me to review them on my site too. I enjoy writing reviews and testing new food products out. This is my first time to your site and I like the information you have on it.

i started about two years ago eating these bars. brother in law got them from costco. lives in washington. we have costco im minnesota and they act like they never herd of them. need to find a close place to get these. been diabeta since 96 these bars are the thing.
yes wife has to have a control on these or i will eat a box in no time flat. they are that good. even if you are not diabeta
thanks gary

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