The Mane Issue.

My father had gorgeous hair. It was thick and wavy and dark brown and all around amazing. Both of my sisters inherited these luscious locks. But me? Thin little mane. My mom also has very thin hair, and somehow, the middle sister (moi) inherited those genes while the other two look like they could star in a Pantene commercial. My ponytail has the diameter of a pencil, and braiding it makes me look like I’m about four and half years old. I do what I can with it, I volumize, I blow dry it, I’ve learned to live with it. Looking at the family tree, this all makes sense. I got mom’s mane, while the other two took after dad.

But if you ask my darling  94-year-old grandmother who I absolutely love to bits, it’s “the dia-bee-tus” that causes my thin hair.

A recent phone call went like this:

Grandma: “Lexie dear, a friend of mine whose daughter is a hairdresser gave me the name of a shampoo to use for people with your condition…”

Me: “Um, my condition? Do I have a hair condition?”

Grandma: “No for dia-bee-tus. It causes you to have thin hair you know.”

Me (trying to stifle my laughter): “Oh I didn’t know that Grandma. Thanks for letting me know…”

Grandma: “Yep. Thin hair from your dia-bee-tus. Anyways there’s a special shampoo to help you with that, it’s for people with dia-bee-tus and I’m going to send you the name of it.”

Me: “Thanks Grandma, I really appreciate you looking out for me.”

What can you do? She’s 94. I’m not about to correct a 94-year-old on anything these days. She’s earned the right to have her opinion on whatever at this point. No matter how bizarre the idea 🙂

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If dia-bee-tus causes thin hair I don’t think I want to know what my hair would have looked like without it. It is so thick is grows out instead of down. I have to use two ponytail holders to hold up a ponytail.

Gotta love Grandma! 🙂

So THAT’S why my hairline is in full retreat!! Who’d a thunkit!! Now if only the dia-bee-tus would get my WAISTLINE to thin out I’d call it even ;).

There actually is some relationship between type 1 diabetes and hair growth. Remember reading some study in the last 5 years about a greater occurrence of thinning hair or abnormal (face and neck) hair growth in type 1 diabetics.

This might be hogwash – but fuzzy memory is that it isn’t really about the insulin. The islets of langerhans produce a bunch of hormones, not just insulin. Insulin is the only one we need to survive, but the other hormones do stuff as well (glucagon reactions, amlyin-sold as Symlin, etc.) Lack of one of the other kinds messes with your hair.

While no shampoo is going to fix it, grandma’s not totally wrong.

Sounds like some kind of covering for your head would be in order. If only they would develop head-covering technology. Maybe someday.

Rose this is interesting! Maybe I should check in to this – I’m going to do a little research, maybe Grandma had a little idea here!

I’ve always had thin hair too, but then it started falling out – I mean covering my pillow every morning! I quit eating gluten (turns out there is a pretty high percentage of Type Is with gluten intolerance), and not only did my hair quit falling out, but it grew back (!!!) and the curl came back after years of blah, fine, limp, no volume hair. Good luck!

Ha! I love it. My mom is nearly 94 and you are a smart woman to not “argue” with her. It’s no use. 🙂 Interestingly, my sister got the thin hair and I got the “dia-bee-tus”. Go figure.

This stinks. Now I’ve got to break the news to my father, my two cousins, my aunt, my mother, and MY very own grandmother that they also have dia-bee-tus. How else would you explain the thinning hair that runs rampant in my family?

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