One of the greatest and most “winning” feelings to have with diabetes is when you go head to head with a beast of a meal and you get the insulin juuuuusssst right. May I present to you one of my proudest accomplishments: a 149mg/dL AFTER the feast known as Super Bowl. There were chips, pasta, chocolate chip cookies, and every other carb imaginable at the party we attended, but I somehow managed to come out with a near-normal BG and THAT makes me want to do a touchdown dance it’s so doggone pretty.

I wish I could say that this number was due to some hardcore strategery, or epic amounts of self-control, but I have to say that neither played a role. I kept my DexCom receiver tucked close to check in often, and took a bolus of three units before we even opened the first bag of chips. Getting ahead of the soon-to-come BG spikes  from all the carb-heavy foods was the first secret to my success. Then, I bolused throughout the afternoon in small amounts (2-3 units) as I grazed my way through the football game. A temp basal woulnd’t have been enough to balance out the carbohydrates, since they can cause such a sharp spike in my BGs. I’m so stoked the plan actually worked! And I also need to file that scenario in the endless bucket of “do that with your diabetes next time” inside my brain. (Note: I rarely remember those. And rarely do diabetes strategies ever work twice in a row).

Parties like the Super Bowl where there’s lots of high-carb food, adult beverages, and mostly just lying around, save constant trips to the fridge are some of the hardest days to manage with diabetes. And it’s for that reason I don’t indulge like that too often – it’s too stressful to even try and manage.

But on the rare occasion you take diabetes by the horns, give it a good spanking and show it who’s boss? Those days are priceless.

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As an atendee of that very same party and partaking in the exact same foods, I too was fired up when I got home and had a BGL of 86!! I think we had the same general “game plan” mapped out for that party and it appears we both worked it to near perfection.. I was fearfull of manning the grill with the Show-me BBQ sauce (which I sampled often to ensure quality of course) that certainly contains higher than normal amounts of brown sugar so to that I say, Nice work Lex, I look forward to next years SB Party and “game plan” strategy to maintain a near goal BGL

Good for you, Lexie!!

Hahaha John that’s awesome! 86? you got me beat brotha!

I know exactly what you mean and Miranda done pretty well too at our superbowl doo. My game plan was to be aggresive with the bolusing as I knew she’d be grazing all day long. I teamed that up with an increased temp bolus and it was a good day. Congrats to you!!

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