And for that, we thank you.

I’m the first to admit that sometimes d-blogs are a place for…grumbling. Many posts can come across as complaining because we have such specific, and oh-so-frustrating struggles with this disease on almost a daily basis. Sometimes I look back at a week’s worth of post and wonder if I have anything positive to say!

Which is why today, I’m going to tell you about something totally awesome that happened to me. Yep, that’s right. Today, all I want to do is sing some praises. And of all places to direct this happiness towards, it goes to OmniPod, who just yesterday had me royally pissed off in light of the whole test strip situation.

Over the weekend, I had an epic diabetes-fail: My OmniPod PDM stopped being capable of checking my blood sugar. The PDM functions as a Freestyle meter, and it goes into “meter mode” the second you insert a strip. On Saturday night though, while I was out of town, it decided that wasn’t going to happen. I could still control my insulin pump, but it simply wouldn’t let me take a blood sugar test. Luckily for me, I had packed a back-up meter, and put that to use right away, but it was concerning none the less.

Monday morning I called OmniPod and told the customer service rep what was going on.

“I’m sorry to hear that mam. I’m going to ship you a replacement PDM right away, overnight shipping. Can you please verify your address?”

Just like that. No questions asked, no frustrating “have you tried this?” crap, no mention of juuuuust missing the warranty cutoff and being forced to buy a new PDM. Just plain and simple awesome customer service. The product doesn’t work right, and we will replace it, right away, at no cost to you. Freaking. Rad.

Granted, this is the same company who caused me grief just days before with the test strip issue, but I have to say, I was more than stoked with how they handled this next hassle. They made it a non-hassle, actually. And anytime that happens with diabetes, I want to stand up and give that person a round of applause for making one thing in this complicated diabetes life that much easier. Thank you for that OmniPod!

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Having worked in retail, I’m always happy to see great customer service. So many companies don’t seem to remember that without the customer, you have no business. And, truly, if you think about it, good customer service comes around and increases your bottom line. You will tell people about your good experience and the company will get more business. Also, this ability to take care of the customer also shows that the company trusts its employees, which increases employee loyalty (which increases your bottom line).

Like Tim’s comment, I too have worked retail before and It’s really not worth the hassle to piss customers off. Everyone will be so much happier if the problem just gets resolved and the customer is happy. Of course that happens faster I think when the customer is not going crazy and demanding the world. My approach is just to stay calm and usually the problems get fixed. Anyway enough customer service training for now, I’m glad they took care of you and It’s a glowing refrence for Omnipod. On a side note Miranda’s A1c came back at 7.1 yesterday! I mentioned some time ago how it’s been 7.5 forever and I really wanted to get back to the 6’s like when she was on MDI. I was so happy I almost kissed the Doc. It’s funny what that test does to us?
Have a great day…

Gerry – that’s so great on the A1c! Nice job by you and Miranda – she sure is lucky to have a dad like you that cares so much about her diabetes, and who is willing to stay involved. SOunds like she’s on the right track to getting back in the 6s! And yes, it is funny what that test does to us – I started crying when the nurse handed me back my last result. I was crying out of happiness but that doesn’t make it any less weird haha 🙂

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