Still Life: Things for lows.

Happy Friday folks. Here’s my artistic rendition of the various items I use for low blood sugars. The GU packs come running with me, and to my boyfriend’s house so I don’t have to steal his room mate’s orange juice when I’m low. The frosting is for my home fridge. I like the taste and it works super quick. And the gross looking hodge-podge of candy corns, jelly beans and glucose tablets? Those go in the car. I have to keep something I don’t like very much in the car, or I’ll sneak little nibbles during my long hours on the road.

Funny how much sugar us folks with diabetes have to keep around….Have a fun and healthy weekend folks 🙂

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Mmmm….frosting. I like that idea. 🙂 How much do you eat? About a spoonful?

I love frosting!!!

My daughter doesn’t.

She has D.

I don’t.

Can you see where this is going?

I may or may not have been known to self medicate MY reactions to HER lows with frosting.

And now I need to lose 50 lbs.

Funny how that works.

Amanda – yes! A spoonful is really all you need, because it’s so sweet! I think about two tablespoos has nearly 24 carbs – too much for a low so one spoonful should fix ya right up.

And Wendy! You are so cute! Its ok that you medicate her lows with frosting for yourself, caretakers need to be taken care of sometimes too. I understand!

That’s interesting … if I’m “kinda low … 60 or 70’s I eat 15g, but if I’m incoherently low, like 50 or under and unable to say, type sentences, I have to have 30g … 12g has never been enough to fix my lows. It is so weird to me how everyone’s bodies are so different!

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