It depends.

smaller-stonehedgeOk. Its over. Big sigh of relief. I went to see the Endo today and my number is down. Thanks to the encouragement of some of the readers here, I am going to just come clean and write it down: I went from 7.5% back in January down to 7.2%. Not exactly at my goal of under 7% yet, but at least the trend line is going in a direction I like.  My doc was happy too, and I think if I keep at it, that number will keep heading down. Whew – huge relief for me today! Damn that one little number! So much pressure.

My doc and I spent a fair amount of time going over my numbers and some questions I had. Between Tour, the Mud Run, and starting to train for the AFC Half Marathon, I had a lot of questions about distance training. I have been struggling to adjust my basal/carb/bolus rates while doing cardio for over an hour. Though the doc was able to give me several good tips, it was amazing how often his advice started with “It depends….” In almost every scenario we talked about, there were multiple factors to consider before we could come to a diabetes management choice:  How much do I turn down my basal before an hour run? It depends: Do you have any bolus units on board? Have you eaten in the past 4 hours? What is your blood sugar? Was Stonehedge really created by aliens? Ok, maybe that last question wasn’t in there, but sometimes trying to manage diabetes seems like a big  ‘ol crapshoot. Let’s see, 20 carbs, latent exercise effect, BG of 179, plus a glass of wine and the possibility of a sunset hike in an hour equals…..kaboom?  I don’t know how to dose for every situation, and sometimes, even using every clue in the book, you get it wrong.

The fact of the matter is that “it depends”  is the nature of diabetes. It’s affected by anything and everything. Today I did an educational presentation on diabetes for my company, and again, I noticed how often “it depends” came up. How often do you test? It depends. How do you know how much insulin to take? It depends. Do you get low during exercise? It depends. For a person that’s goal oriented and a total over-planner, its a wonder that having this disease hasn’t left me in years of therapy. Trying to control diabetes perfectly can and will drive you insane if you let it. That’s why I rely on big picture factors, like the fact that my A1C is heading down, to keep me moving when the little stuff is getting to me. Today’s count: Lexie 1, Diabetes -.3%. Boo-yah.

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Good job!!! And thanks for being brave and posting that number 🙂
I go in June … I’ll post my number too! It could be way off – it’s tough to get good control with all these variables, but we’ll see how good or bad it is. I love the A1C!!! When I show them my 2 week history, they seem to glom right onto any “bad” number and I find myself justifying … The A1C is better because it’s an average. I’m a vet, and in vet med we use Fructosamine (not A1C) to get a 30 day retrospective average. Not sure why we don’t use it in human medicine …

For once, I’m kind of excited to see how I’m doing in terms of my bloodwork in light of the weight loss, exercise and drastic change in lifestyle I’ve created over the past 6 months! Maybe I can get OFF of some of these meds! I’m taking about 1/4 the present dose (when I dose as normal I get profound hypoglycemia!). I’ll keep you posted!!

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