Frozen toes!

Nope, that isn’t white spray paint on the ground in the photo…it’s frost! Yep, Portland does apparently get that cold in the winter and Thursday morning I woke up to a light dusting of the cold stuff everywhere. I bundled up a little more for my three-mile jog. I threw on an extra layer on […]

I’ll take that.

It was another grueling Wednesday morning class at my gym, and I sweated through box jumps, tricep dips, squat jumps, and a whole host of other torturous exercises in my “I Run on Insulin” t-shirt. When the trainer called for a break, we all gratefully walked to our water bottles. Another regular in the class […]

Working on my (foot) fitness.

Look, I know I’m not the best when it comes to being on top of my foot care as a person with diabetes. I get pedicures, I run in toe-shoes, and I grew up surfing and chilling barefoot at the beach. But after feedback from several readers debating the merits of “recommended” foot care for […]

Guest Post: One woman’s story about going from no control to total control.

Jessica Johnson reached out to me months ago with an email that made me want to know more. She had struggled for years with controlling both her diabetes and her weight. The challenges associated with food and diabetes led her to develop eating disorders, weight gain, and depression. Disappointed with traditional methods of diabetes management, Jessica decided to […]

Guest Post: What it’s REALLY like to live in Canada with diabetes

Hey there party people! At this time, I’m somewhere on the island of Oahu running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I’m getting married in two days and I am sure there’s a million things I have not done yet. But more importantly, I’m thrilled to have my buddy Bram Hutchinson […]

Still adjusting.

Lately, I haven’t been so much “I Run on Insulin” as I’ve been “I try all sorts of classes at my new gym on insulin.” When we first moved to Portland, I didn’t join a gym right away as we got our bearings. I did start running right away though and found lots of lush, […]

Keeping it personal.

My new gym offers a complimentary personal training session when you join, and although I explained to the owner that I don’t usually book those type of things because of my unique health situation, he encouraged me to take advantage of it. He even went so far as to poll his trainers to see if […]

Trading Jabs…

I’ll set the scene for you: The time was 9:24am on Saturday and I’m standing about two feet away from a girl my age, holding up muy thai pads while she works a jab, cross, hook combo. It’s time to sweat out my Friday night at my new gym and I’m in my element at […]

Portrait of a Monday morning.

Gym-free, but not off the hook.

I haven’t joined a gym yet here in Portland, for a few reasons, the foremost being that I don’t have a job up here yet and I don’t feel entitled to spend on money on a gym membership when running and walking are free and I don’t have a steady income yet (plus those pesky […]