Real Life

Orange Juice Duty: a.k.a. In Praise of the Diabuddy

It was a Friday night and I’m in a crowded bar full hipsters swaying to the bass-heavy, DJ-delivered beats. My husband and I have popped in to a favorite haunt for a night cap and some people-watching. We had walked there from dinner – only a short 10 minutes – but at a brisk pace […]


If you’ve never heard of Taking Control of your Diabetes, or TCOYD for short, then you need to look them up now. TCOYD is an organization dedicated to helping people live better with diabetes, and I happen to know the founder. He is an endocrinologist in San Diego and was a long time customer of […]

Diabetes (self) Awareness Month.

If you’re reading this, then you probably have diabetes or know someone who has diabetes. So I probably don’t need to tell you that it’s Diabetes Awareness Month (which, side note, I’ve always thought it’s kinda funny that Diabetes Awareness Month is the same month as Thanksgiving, a holiday that celebrates heavy food…but maybe it’s […]

Guest Post: One woman’s story about going from no control to total control.

Jessica Johnson reached out to me months ago with an email that made me want to know more. She had struggled for years with controlling both her diabetes and her weight. The challenges associated with food and diabetes led her to develop eating disorders, weight gain, and depression. Disappointed with traditional methods of diabetes management, Jessica decided to […]

Yikes. We haven’t even ordered drinks yet.

I’m used to this happening, but this was a particularly good one. In a depressing sort of way: Me: “I think I’m not going to partake in the french fries, but you girls are totally welcome to order them anyways! I have Type 1 diabetes and I just have trouble with pototoes and keeping my […]

Do I take these devices, to have and to hold?

I generally use my blog for sharing stories and getting a conversation going with all of you folks about what’s going on in all of our diabetes lives. I don’t like to use my blog for crowd-sourcing, but sometimes, I just need y’all’s help. I’m having a bit of a wedding dress debacle. I’m completely […]

Hot tip for my fellow podders…

This post is short and sweet, because it’s about an extremely easy trick I just learned that actually works and really helps with Omnipod site changes. I’ve blogged many times about how I suffer from highs when I change my pod. The transition can be a bit rough for the first few hours into a […]

Sure. Right. Because that makes sense.

Working out is my sanity. I am one of those people who finds her zen in an hour’s worth of sweating, and I often turn to the gym when I need to blow of steam. I also believe that overall, big picture, working out is beneficial to my diabetes management. But I’d be lying if […]

Back to basics.

Sometimes, when you’ve had diabetes for a long time, you start to think “I got this” for the “easy” stuff. I’m talking about when you think to yourself I’m just walking the dog around the block…there’s no way I’ll  get low…And then you totally do get low and thank god you’re only a block away from […]

Losing it…diabetes style.

With my wedding less than two months away, I’ve been eating healthy, ramping up the workouts, and trying to get my body looking as healthy as possible for the big day. And I’m living up to every female stereotype right now because I’m   “trying to lose pesky five pounds…” Yes, these are the same […]