Just a thought

Oh, that’s what that’s called.

I explained to my endo on Friday that I feel like I’m doing everything I can to keep my BGs nice and smooth and maintain this crazy low A1c (actually that remains to be seen – getting it drawn on Wednesday!), but I told her that exasperatingly, I was still getting these odd spikes in the middle […]

What’s in a name? So, so much.

We’ve all said it at some point: “I wish Type 1 and Type 2 had different names, I’m so sick of explaining the difference.” I recently received an email from a mother of a child with diabetes who has organized a petition to seek just that. Jamie Perez explained in her email that she filed […]

Superpowers. I haz them.

It struck me the other day that I couldn’t remember the last time I got real people sick – you know a cough or cold-type situation. Yes, I get a flu shot every year but that doesn’t protect me for 12 months in a row or from some of the most common colds going around. […]

Diabetes Deals? Hey it could happen…right?

I love me a good Groupon deal. Or Living Social. Or really anything that can get me $3000 worth of zoo visits for $12.99. I get a few of them every day delivered to my inbox, and most of them I have to delete right away before I get all excited and go purchasing $300 […]

The Brittle Battle

I think by definition of having Type 1, wide swings in blood sugar are fairly normal. EVERYTHING affects our BGs, so it makes sense that we can be sensitive one day to one thing, only to have everything change the next. And we all have those WTF? moments where you swear the number on the […]

Golds all around.

Like the rest of the country, I have total Olympic fever right now and have spent the last week staying up waaaaay to late while yelling “U-S-A” at the TV like a crazy person. Watching these epic athletes made me think about events that I feel like I could medal in. These events actually have nothing to do […]

Our strange little symphony….

On Wednesday, I attended a seminar for people with Type 1 diabetes. The lecture hall was full of folks pumping, CGMing, and testing. Between talks, you could hear the sounds of diabetes in the room: the beeping of meters, the musical notes of bolus buttons. It was a strange little cyborg symphony in the background. […]

No ‘betes over here.

I wish that sparkling 81mg/dL in the picture below was my blood sugar. But it’s not. It’s my future sister-in-law’s. She wanted to check her blood sugar one morning while we were camping on the river, so we did. Nothing really says “good morning” like knowing your pancreas is working just fine, right? Wait a […]

The True Weight of the Matter.

The Supreme Court ruling on the affordable care act wasn’t the only health care news this week. Arena Pharmaceuticals had the oral medication Belviq approved for the indication of weight loss- which is a rare occasion as the FDA only very occasionally approves anything for weight control. As our county gets heavier and heavier with […]

Examining the stats.

Working for a diabetes pharmaceutical company has it’s distinct advantages for me. My disease, something that I live with every day, is THE relevant topic of interest at my workplace. It’s all we talk about and study. My company has entire research teams to stay on top of diabetes trends and the diabetes marketplace (yes, […]