That Christmas Magic.

Bolus – worthy is the term we usually reserve for sweets and treats that are a pain to dose for, but oh-so-worth it once in a while. And on Sunday, I had one of my best buds over for our now-annual cookie baking fiasco. We’re both decent cooks (she’s actually phenomenal – her enchiladas could […]

Too funny for me to caption….

…I can’t with this one. Do you guys have some good captions for this? Because I’m laughing too hard to even think of something to say…..this was spotted at a well-known, heavily traveled candy store in a cute little Oregon coast town that we went to for the day. All I can say is that I’m […]

Net Carbs…is it really a thing?

Ah the new year! A time to re-commit to exercise and diet goals and for all of us with diabetes, getting or keeping that A1c low. And after all the amazing meals between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I’m finding it a little hard to  get back on the bandwagon. There were so many reasons to […]

Guest Chef Jess Cooks Up Some Holiday Help for us!

As part of Diabetes Awareness Month and the impending Holiday Season (which we all know involves a LOT of food), I wanted to provide some inspiration in the kitchen for you all (and myself, let’s be honest). When I heard about Chef Jess’ cooking (delicious!) and her goal of helping people with diabetes live better […]

Best low-carb swap ever.

My biggest food weakness is easily macaroni and cheese. I love the stuff so much that every year on my birthday, I go to my stepmom’s restaurant and order the “pasta al forno” which is a dish of penne pasta with gorgonzola, bacon, Parmesan and leaks baked in the wood-fired oven. I like the gourmet […]

Food City.

Its easy to say that Portland is a foodie’s dream. Coming from San Diego, a city more known for it’s beaches (and beach bodies) than for it’s culinary prowess, Portland has opened up our taste buds to specialties we never dreamed of. San Diego can claim the finest fish tacos in the nation, of that […]

Guest Post: One woman’s story about going from no control to total control.

Jessica Johnson reached out to me months ago with an email that made me want to know more. She had struggled for years with controlling both her diabetes and her weight. The challenges associated with food and diabetes led her to develop eating disorders, weight gain, and depression. Disappointed with traditional methods of diabetes management, Jessica decided to […]

Losing it…diabetes style.

With my wedding less than two months away, I’ve been eating healthy, ramping up the workouts, and trying to get my body looking as healthy as possible for the big day. And I’m living up to every female stereotype right now because I’m   “trying to lose pesky five pounds…” Yes, these are the same […]

This is why I rarely bother eating ice cream.

Sure, it’s delicious. And sure it’s a special treat on a super-hot-summer-time day. But the price of admission for this roller coaster really sucks. Note the huge-ass spike upon consumption of the ice cream, and the subsequent double-arrows down, rapidly progressing into a face-melting low just one hour later due to over-bolusing for the ice […]

Citrus bolus.

Summertime: hot temps, long days, and, one of my personal favorite things: all the fresh fruit you can eat. The local farmer’s market is overflowing with strawberries, raspberries, peaches, and watermelon. I’ve been throwing blueberries into salads, pineapple on our burgers, and cantaloupe in with my Greek yogurt. It’s not doubt that summertime wins for […]