Duck Fiabetes

Damn you site change!

This is what happens every. Single. Time. I change my damn pump. I start off in range with a great blood sugar, but then I get a steady creep-up into the 200s until things finally calm down about five hours into wearing a new pod. For this one, I even bolused before AND after changing […]

Milestones into the unknown.

It’s my 30th birthday on Monday. Yep, the big 3-0. Although that number sounds strange to say out loud only because I often still think of myself as a kid, it doesn’t scare me in any way. No quarter life crisis here, no pretending it’s still 29 plus another candle. No. Thirty, I am ready […]

High yourself, jackass…

Dear Diabetes, You make no &%$#ing sense. I bolused properly for dinner. And dinner, by the way, was over eight hours ago. Everything that could have possibly pissed you off has long been digested. And I took is EASY on the carbs anyways. I even bolused right before bed for that 170mg/dL, just to make […]

Doubled up on poor planning.

On Sunday night, or rather the wee hours of Monday morning, I was woken up for the third time by my DexCom alerting me to another low blood sugar. “Damn” I thought to myself in the haze of yet another low. “This is one stubborn low.” I stumbled to the kitchen and pulled out the […]

Waking up.

My alarm goes off at 6:30am. I feel so tired, I barely open my eyes while my arm searches the bedside table for the snooze button. No way am I getting up right now. Snooze please. I’m so exhausted. Somewhere seemingly far away  – somewhere between dreams and awake, I can hear a buzz-buzz sound. […]

New Spec(k)tacles. Same Person.

I mentioned in a post last week that I’d write more about my eye appointment later. It’s been looming over me all weekend, and I realized I was feeling reluctant to put the words on paper (or computer screen….) because I’m having a hard time with what happened at my eye appointment. But it’s time to […]

Mangled by the Mango: A Short Story in the Theater Known as Diabetes

The Scene: My couch. 9:45pm. The Protagonist: My valiant efforts to look up the carb count for a mango, and dose for it with laser-like precision. The Antagonist: Diabetes. Who else would it be? Alexis is ready to retire for the evening. She had a sensible dinner of chicken and spinach, with almost zero carbohydrates. […]

Full disclosure.

There was relief from the dreary feelings of yesterday’s blog post after I went in for nerve testing Tuesday afternoon. They found a small increase in the carpal tunnel on my left hand, no sign of it in my right hand, and only a tiny bit of ulnar nerve irritation on the right side. Big sigh […]

High there.

Diabetes has a way of keeping us humble. Wednesday of this week was a reminder that just because I have a low A1c right now doesn’t mean diabetes won’t occasionally kick my ass. I’m still tired today, thanks to Wednesday’s shenanigans. And to think, it all started with the good intentions of going for a […]

In the Sparring Ring.

No one ever said diabetes was easy. And no one ever said it was fair. And it was never more evident than yesterday morning ,when my well-intentioned self woke up early to hit the gym before work. I felt groggier than usual, but thought it must be because I was up late watching The Bachelorette  […]