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T1D Exposed: Nothing to hide about our beautiful, capable Type 1 bodies

Us folks with diabetes are warriors. We battle every day to make sure we stay alive, and our bodies show the wear and tear of this war. But just like other scars, there is a reason to be proud of these battle wounds: they show how hard we have fought to thrive with diabetes. When […]

Diabetic Dabs: Why weren’t these around when I was a kid?

I’m always amazed by how far diabetes technology has come. From my CGM to my pump, to the fact that we have rDNA insulin that starts working in just five minutes, things done changed since I was diagnosed as a kid in 1992. But even with all the fancy stuff we have available today, I’m […]

Foot (Care) Loose.

Summer time calls for lots of shoeless activities – swimming, hanging at the beach, and letting your toes wiggle in some fresh cut grass at the local park. Being raised a San Diego girl and now living here in Portland, everyone is outside all the time (year round in San Diego…and also year round in […]

I love injections. (I just always wanted to use that as a title for a blog post)

In an effort to take a more all-inclusive approach to my health this year, I finally got a primary care doctor back in February for the first time since I was diagnosed with diabetes. In 1992. Yes, yes, I know this is a little ridiculous but it’s not like I haven’t been seeing any HCPs. […]

Not your grandpa’s diabetic socks…

There are some diabetes rules I play by (watching my carbs, for example), but there are many I don’t (see: changing the lancet, rotating pump sites, wearing sensors in the proper place….shoot this list is long). One thing I’ve never been on top of is footwear. I’m a high-heel wearing, toe-shoe running, flip-flops-11-months-outta-the-year type of […]

Interview: The Book of Better

Chuck Eichten is design director for Nike Inc., and he’s also had Type 1 diabetes for over 30 years. And there were several years of his life where he maintained an A1c of 4.5%. That’s normal for someone WITHOUT diabetes. “That’s awesome” you might be quick to say. Except it wasn’t. At his most strict […]

Soup’s on!

This week has been really and truly and utterly SO busy, it’s a miracle I’ve had time to brush my teeth at the end of the day without falling flat on my face from exhaustion before reaching the sink. Work-wise there’s year-end business to tie up, presentations about my plans for Q1 to present to […]

Guest Post: The Truth Behind Diabetes

Howdy folks! I’m excited to introduce you today to Adam Bruk. Adam is currently the Outreach and Philanthorpy Coordinator for Socks4Life. If you don’t know about Socks4Life, it’s time to check them out. Socks4Life is – you guessed it – is a sock vendor, but they offer so much more than that. I first met […]

Community Strength: In need of the D.O.C.

As a blogger who’s very public about living with diabetes, I get lots of questions about diabetes from readers. I’ve had emails that range from “I have diabetes, now what?” to “Have you heard of this amazing tree root from Ghana that cures diabetes?” (the latter of which I tend to hit the delete button […]

Diabetes Month is Here!

It’s November, party people, and that means it’s officially National Diabetes Month! What’s that you say? You don’t need a “National” sponsorship behind this disease because EVERY DAY is Diabetes Day for you? Yes, I agree – those that live with diabetes don’t need any more “awareness” about this disease because we’re pretty doggone aware […]